The Real World ... Blogger Style: 04/01/2004 - 05/01/2004

Friday, April 30, 2004

Hey, it's Mad's Birthday.

Let there be polka music.
and what could be better than
Beer From Milwaukee Polka ???

Since today is so rainy and dreary

and also because my jaw still hurts from my near fatal visit to the dentist yesterday I am officially declaring this
Boz Can Sleep All Day If He Damn Well Pleases Day.
There will be fireworks.

Just when I think the interweb has reached it's awesomeness quota..

I Spy - Topic #6


Take a picture of something orange - the fruit, or something that is, has or represents the color orange.

As always, the only requirement is to have fun... including yourself in the pic is encouraged but not required.

Post your photo to the Buzznet photoblog by Monday, May 3, 2004.

The Real Word Blogger Style. It's What's For Dinner.

Ok, so I never could think of a signature phrase, but as part of my rehab my sponsor told me I need to "make amends" so I came up with slogans for everyone! Ok, fine, I'm not in rehab, and when I say sponsor I mean monkey, and maybe I had a little help with the slogans, but still. It's the thought that counts, isn't it? Isn't it? At least that's what my parents told me every Christmas when they gave me rubber bands and boxes of Shake 'n Bake (pre-Cat Shake 'n Bake Incident) as gifts. But enough about me.

1. Please Don't Squeeze The Boz.
2. The Best Part Of Waking Up Is Marci In Your Cup.
3. I Liked The Zann So Much, I Bought The Company!
4. Break Me Off a Piece of That Dvl.
5. Crunch All You Want. We'll Make Mike.
6. There's No Wrong Way to Eat a Bored Housewife.
7. This Is Not Your Father's Sandra.
8. Strong Enough for a Man, Made for a Jonnie.
9. Madmathias. It's Everywhere You Wanna Be.
10. The AtlSuperstar That Eats Like A Meal.

And in conclusion, I would like to say there is no conclusion, except I think my eyes are bleeding and if I never see another slogan again it will be too soon.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Oh Lordy...

Although Easter has come and gone, you can be prepared for next year with the aid of the Jesus Christ Action Figure set!

(More info here.)

Is it hot in here

or is it just the mutant budgie.

Those whacky New Zealanders!

is it hot in here?

Answer Me These Questions Three:

(aka. Thursday 3)

1. What's your favorite memory of your Grandparents?

2. If you could repeal one law, which would you pick?

3. Have you ever shoplifted? If so, what did you take?

(Extra special thanks again to Andrew at NineMileDetour for being the mastermind and writing these questions... show him some love by at least answering this week’s Thursday 3... and show him love on his blog for extra credit.)

I'm off to the dentist in a few minutes.

I'm getting a crown.
This is the first of two visits.
Even though people have been known to die in the dentist's chair, I don't want any of you to worry needlessly.
Oh yeah, zann you get my CD collection if, well, you know, if, ummmm, oh god ...
I'm going to miss you all.
Peace be with you.

What If...?

If Jonnie & Sandra were to get married, the figures on top of the cake would probably look a lot like this -

The guy on the ground is the priest.


Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Truth or Dare Tonight ???

Bueller ...
Bueller ...
Anyone ???
11PM EDT, 10PM CDT, 9PM MDT, 8PM PDT ...

It seems that one of our housemates

has a ::thing:: about redheads.
Well, yeah, I mean besides me ...
and besides Jonnie ...
and besides Mike.
So if I were you Zann, I'd lock my door at night, that is unless you are in to that kind of scene.

Our newest housemates?

We'll find out in six days.

Official sign up

for the Christmas in June gift exchange.
Leave a comment if you plan on taking part.
There will be a ten dollar spending limit, sorry Sandra I don't know how much that is in German currency.
You have until next Monday to sign up.
I am in.

anybody home?

so, have we exchanged names yet for x-mas in june? i like to get my shopping done before the rush.

Monday, April 26, 2004

Image Scavenger Hunt

my turn at being huntmaster, and this time the goal is to find pictures of the following:

  1. frog wearing a party hat
  2. aerial view of the “astronaut” on the Nazca Plains
  3. purple dragonfly
  4. Jay & Silent Bob
  5. a parody of “The View” talk show
  6. Marvin the Martian painted on a car
  7. original artwork from the Pink Floyd album “Wish You Were Here”
  8. a book with Chinese writing on the cover
  9. Easter Island statue(s) smoking a cigarette/something else
  10. and a monkey juggling bananas!

search the net and find as many as you can~! they can be real photos or animated or anything that fits the description. i'll post the coolest ones here.

send me either links to the pictures (make sure the urls are correct!) or the pictures themselves--email to:



The guy pouring my beer 2 weeks ago broke my liter glass.... I think it is would only be nice to leave Drew as a temp pict for me until I can get a good authentic picture of me and my new mug for my icon. It seems only right to me, ......and should to you all too.

In other news.... I would like to apologize for my absence, but ever since Mad has moved in, my time has been spent ... um, elsewhere.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

I am in the process

of posting temporary icons for those of you who have not sent me your preference.
I must say the one I used for Mike is excellent!!!


Some weeks ago, I decided that I'd love to have baby animals around me and since I have neither time nor enough room for a little puppy or a kitten, I thought that it would be best to have some fish babies. So, in order to get the fishes in the mood for some sweet lovin', I lit two candles in front of the fishtank and played The Temptations' "On The Nightshift" on heavy rotation. And here's the result of that effort:

Yay! Two babies (one hides behind the plant)! They are about a week old now, fishes "David" and "Bowie" are the parents. Thing is, I don't have names for the offspring yet. So I decided to name the fishes after the first two people who comment on this post. So go ahead! This is an unique chance to become the namesake of something that looks like mutant sperm!

If anyone wants

to use a real picture for their icon, send it on, and I'll change it,
or just another icon, because I am sick and tired of the south park ones.

I mean it

Somebody wake me up, please!!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2004

Thanks for the Memories

At the advice of my inner conscience, I have decided to move out of the RWBS house. I really cant commit the time it takes, and it wouldn't be fair or feel right for me to keep hanging on.

I have enjoyed my time spent here, reading about your lives and getting to know you. I will continue to read your individual blogs and visit here often to keep up with your crazy shenanigans.

Meanwhile, I plan to keep Gooseneck up and running and would love to have you guys stop by once in awhile.

Thanks for everything and for putting up with me all this time. I wish you all the best .


Friday, April 23, 2004

i'll have a corona with a lime, rick.

there once was a blogger named mad
whose limerick writing was bad
so he gave it a shot
and pulled his sleeves taut
man this sucks just a tad.


A limerick for Jonnie

There once was blogger named Jonnie
Whose sombrero was awfully scrawny.
Even with an erection
It avoided detection
Which resulted in lack of poonani.

My Limerick, also a day late and probably more than a dollar short....

There once was a blogger named Lisa
Who wished to climb the tower of Pisa
Once on the top
all her buttons she'd pop
and flash that small town with a vengeance.


Better late than never... my limerick

There once was a blogger named Sandra
She repeats her quest like a mantra
"Thou shallst join the cult!
Or else you get gulled
And beware I'm a master in Tantra!"

Please He'p Me

I got the limerick fever ...

There once was a blogger named belle
And another one named dvl
They did things in the night
Not considered quite right
But I'm sure that they did these things well.

There once was a blogger named lisa
Who got sexually aroused eating pizza
She had a big slice
But it didn't suffice
I guess pizza can't sexually appease ya.

I Spy - Topic #5


Take a picture of water - still or moving, as large as a body of water or as small as water droplets, and anything in between.

As always, including yourself in the pic is encouraged.

Post your photo to the Buzznet photoblog on Monday, April 26, 2004.

Limerick review of

Gangs of New York

There once was a blogger named boz
With the hots for Cameron Diaz
Till he saw Gangs of New York
And he said what the fork
I never knew she had such flaws.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

There Once Was A Blogger Named Belle

Who many believed was a demon from hell
As it turned out she born to be queen,
Wife to the man known as Martin Sheen
If only she could get him to fall down a well.

Special Features
Alternate Ending: If only she could get him to stop drinking Prell.

my limerick--i mean, i am Irish after all, so this should be easy, right?

there once was a blogger named zann
whose tastes made her seem like a man
well she surely was not
and her temper was hot
so be nice or get hit with a pan.

i'm all wet

and only mike to dry me off.

the hot tub was nice mikey. we should go it again sometime.

i'll leave it at that, i don't want zann thinking i'm trying to cockblock.

Answer Me These Questions Three:

(aka. Thursday 3)

1. What is one of your life goals?

2. When was the last time you felt small?

3. What was your favorite childhood toy?

(It should come as no surprise that, once again, I had NineMileDetour do my homework for me and write these questions... I am not this deep people -- honestly, you have stepped in deeper puddles.)

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

I just had to make a post

to get Jonnie's penis self portrait off the same level as the zonkboard.
So, read any good books lately?
Bazooka Joe funnies???
Hey, how about this weather????
Maybe that will take care of it.

Popular Myth Exploded

I think we can all rest a little easier tonight -

Sounds like the worst you can do is bruise it.
That takes a load off my mind. I'm relieved.


(sorry. That will be all. I'm done.) hahaha

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The Simpson's

One More:

There once was a blogger named silence
Whose schooling filled her with violence
Worried about doing her best
She offered to bare her chest
Then her professor sent her for guidance.

There once was a blogger named Subliminal

Her writing tinkered on the line of criminal
She got busy one day
and went far far away
And hoped the animosity would be minimal.

On that note... the semester is almost over and I will be back soon. If any of you know a good place to sell my soul, let me know, I think i am in the market.

Assignment, Assignment, Assignment

Write a limerick about yourself.
The first line should read:
There once was a blogger named (your name here).

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I think I may have a drinking problem...

...what do you think?

Just to clarify. Yes, I am a very cluttered individual and yes, this is how it always looks!
Keep in mind also that those bottles are several bottles deep as well, that's not just one row!
..and on a seemingly unrelated but related note..
Oh yes, I will always look this good.. mmm.. living pickle..

since some of you are fellow Tupperware fanatics...

...i thought this would be the proper arena in which to celebrate the return of my favorite piece. it went missing about a month ago without my knowledge--my mother sent it away, full of cake, with a family member, and forgot she did so, ahem, wtf, dude--and it was gone long enough to raise my stress level by 87% when i was trying to gather my Easter treats for transportation. see, this Tupperware is perfect for cupcakes or multiple floors of brownies. yessah.

my beloved container miraculously reappeared thanks to the thoughtfulness of the aforementioned relative. let's party.

Monday, April 19, 2004


...I can still post over here, eh? How are you bitches? Who's got a smoke?


When nobody else is home, I've been going to the backyard and pretending I'm the pool boy.

See that leaf in the net?
Hey, I'm no slacker.

Although the net is kind of heavy, it's pretty fun.
A goal to strive for. The impossible dream.

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Mike needs a scanner!

...and I always thought artist's handwriting was supposed to be all nice and pretty...

at least i have spiffy paper.

Hot Tub tonight?

11PM EDT, 10PM CDT, 9PM MDT, 8PM PDT and ...

Jonnie's Handwriting Sample

For my handwriting sample, I composed a one act play.
I hope you enjoy it.
I put a shitload of thought into it -

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He's the studly one right?

I am, like, the *sickest* person

So I have a confession. I might have a debilitating addiction. I only wish it was pills or booze or cutting, or something that might lead to an intervention with Dr. Drew and my very own stand out episode of this show, but I'm afraid this is far too serious for that.
The thing is, I can't stop watching My So-Called Life. Is there a support group for this? Because I think I'm beginning to regress and show symptoms of teenage angst and I swear for five minutes today I wondered if Jordan Catalano would notice me if I dyed my hair red Crimson Glow. Please, this is my cry for help.

Which My So-Called Life Character Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

Sunday, April 18, 2004

It's Goose remember me?

Ok Boz, I get the sense that you did not quite believe me when I said that I got all of the answers right to the quiz (Except the John Lennon question, mind you, you say Bridgette Bardot and I say Natalie Wood), anyway... to try to prove to you that I wasnt just saying that I thought that I would elaborate on a few of the questions that were a little bit harder.

Boz said that Bridgette Bardot was the subject of the Beatles song Norwegian Wood. That may be a rumor (there are several) but the one I heard was that it was written about Natalie Wood whom he met on a chance encounter while in Oslo Norway in late 1964.

Don Larsen of the New York Yankees pitched a perfect game in game 5 of the 1956 World Series against the Brooklyn Dodgers.

I had the quote "we dont need no stinkin badges" as coming from the movie Magnificent 7

Roger McGuinn's full real name was James Joseph Mcguinn.

I didn't elaborate as much as Boz did on Dino's death, I merely had Plane crash air guard

And admittedly, I had the Monkees down as the author of the Grand Ennui and not specifically Mike Nesmith.

I actually did a term paper on Pete Gray while I was in junior high school (that's middle school for you youngsters). I knew that he only had one arm.

I knew that Ronnie Reagan was the first president to live after being elected in a year that eneded with zero because I remember being disappointed that he broke the chain. (I know, it's harsh, but it is true.) Also, another cool fact about Ronald Wilson Reagan... The letters in each of his names has 6 letters. Thus, 666.

Most answers were relatively easy to find on the internet and the few that I didn't know I was able to get from Hawspipe quite quickly. Not only do I use him as my attorney, I also go to him with my tough questions.

So... Perhaps my comment about having all correct answers was a little overblown, but I did have them right according to my sources. And really now... Do you think that I would actualy lie to you?

Ha! Take that Boz!

Concerning Goose

You've probably noticed that Goose hasn't been around for awhile. Turns out he hadn't ditched the house like all of you had suspected, it seems that in real life he has just moved into a new house and has been very busy.
Also, Goose claims that he got every one of the answers to the trivia quiz correct, but that was easy to claim once the answers had been posted.
Finally, in dvl's Thursday Three, which dvl didn't actually write, Goose said the one activity that he was forced to participate in was school picture day.
Here is what he had to say about it:

My parents thought that the school photo was the most important thing in the world. I hated it and one time about 7th grade didn't smile. My mother freaked OUT. She set up an appointment and made me re-do it and this time she went with me. She was so pissed and to this day I cant figure that out.

When I told him that would be a good pic to post he claimed that it had been lost forever years ago.
But !!!
I did a Google Image search and was able to come up with the original pic, the replacement pic, and three other pics of Goose taking part in various school activities.
Take that Goose!

Saturday, April 17, 2004

Trivia Answers

1. Who is the only player to pitch a perfect game in baseball’s World Series? Don Larsen
2. “We don’t need no stinkin’ badges” is a line from what movie? The Treasure of the Sierra Madres was the first movie, but it was such a classic line it appeared in many subsequent films.
3. In what novel would you find a character named Robert Ackley? Catcher in the Rye
4. Who were the original seven members of The Real World … Blogger Style? I goofed, there were eight original members including Boz, Marci, Melissa, Nada, Drew, Hard Artist, Zann, and Dvl
5. Who is actress Ione Skye’s father? The singer Donovan
6. In the 60’s the leader of the band The Byrds changed his name to Roger McGuinn, what did he change it from? Jim McGuinn
7. Who won seven gold medals in the 1972 summer Olympics? Mark Spitz
8. How did actor/singer Dean Martin’s son Dino die? He crashed the military aircraft he was piloting into a mountain.
9. The Beatle’s song Norwegian Wood was based on a one night stand that John Lennon had with what actress? It was rumored that it was Bridget Bardot, but since I have no proof the question didn’t count
10. Who wrote and recorded the song The Grand Ennui? Mike Nesmith
11. What city are the street names from the board game Monopoly located in? Atlantic City
12. In what city would you find the streets Haight and Ashbury? San Francisco
13. What were the names of the rock groups that Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young were in before they formed CSN&Y? Crosby the Byrds, Nash the Hollies, Stills and Young the Buffalo Springfield.
14. What cast member of the MTV show The Real World died from AIDS? Pedro Zamora
15. What do Kurt Vonnegut Jr, and Geraldo Rivera have in common? Rivera was married to Vonnegut’s daughter.
16. Who coined the term “Rock and Roll”? Disk Jockey Alan Freed
17. What made baseball player Pete Gray unique? He only had one arm
18. Who played lead guitar on the Michael Jackson song, Beat It? Eddie Van Halen
19. What was significant about the deaths of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams? They both died on the 4th of July 1826, the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, which they co-authored.
20. Since 1820 who is the only US president elected in a year that ends in zero that hasn’t died in office? (Not counting the current president, because he hasn’t left office yet.) Ronald Reagan.

Three people took the quiz. Mike had two questions wrong and both Zann and Mike missed one question.

Zann said she wanted to do the next test.
Your turn Zann!!!

Handwriting sample

Anyone else?

Zann posted this on her site.

I don't know why she didn't post it here.

You are a wangsta who
knows business. You have fun in the sun and
know how to have a good laugh.

Which old school Nickelodeon show are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Friday, April 16, 2004

Write a caption for this pic

I stole it from Jonnie's site, so I don't think he'll mind, and if he does ...
so what.
Caption this pic!

Christmas in June

Is anyone interested in the house celebreating Christmas in June with a gift exchange and other holiday stuff?
I haven't thought it out yet, but if enough of us were interested it would be a cool thing. Participation would NOT be mandatory, so don't worry about that, just the people interested.
Names would be drawn at random and there would be a spending limit of I guess ten dollars, but if that is too high we could make it five.
Give me your feedback on this people.
Let's make
this Christmas in June the best Christmas in June we've ever had!!!

I Spy - Topic #4


Take a picture of light - natural or artificial, dim or bright, or some type of unique lighting.

As always, including yourself in the pic is encouraged, but not a requirement.

Post your photo to the Buzznet photoblog on Monday, April 19, 2004.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Answer Me These Questions Three:

(aka. Thursday 3)

1. What was one activity/group that your parents made you participate in as a kid?

2. If you could live in the world of any movie/book/television show, which would you choose?

3. If you could instantly have any skill you currently don't possess, what would you want?

(I am a slacker... this week's Thursday Three courtesy of NineMileDetour)

There might be a bit of a trouble brewing

between Mad and myself as the

take on the

in the first round of the NBA playoffs, but the conflict should be short lived as the Pistons will probably sweep the series.

Go Pistons !!!

A little update from slacker-arse...

Some of us were hanging out last night.
and we all scurried over to check out Mad's buzznet.
and there was much joy.
he should be made aware that several lewd comments were made, most of which came from Boz, but still.
if i were him, i would be flattered.
...although we all know it doesn't exactly take much to get me smiling.
he may very well be the most elligible bachelor in the house or the least eligible most bachelor...or something.
and for some reason i saw pictures of someone else a while back and i thought it was him...
so i thought i knew what he looked like, but i was wrong.
...unless he lost a lot of weight and had a new smile surgically implanted and dyed his hair and bought color contacts....?
so that was kind of funny for me--a pleasant surprise.
almost as funny as this one person who kept commenting on my buzznet stuff...
i assumed it was a guy.
read the blog, there was a story about a girl, romantic, etc.
said blogger signed things with a name that is 99% of the time a men's name.
then said blogger posted self-portraits on buzznet.
hot girl, even.
so it was a win, win situation.
but odd, nonetheless.

also, if anyone has a spare roll of duct tape, could i borrow it?
oh--pool boy's here, gotta go---

(and no, i'm not doing this to distract attention from the Jordan fiasco.)
(well, maybe a little.)

Reply Hazy, Try again.

all you wanted to know about the magic 8 ball, and more!

Private Message

for Angela and Rayanne.
Jordan read the zonkboard.
Love Brian

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

I just found out that

MadMathias has a buzznet account so I linked it to our rwbs account.

Even at a young age

Jonnie's die was already cast.

The first edition of The Real World ... Blogger Style

Scavenger Hunt/Trivial Pursuit Challenge.

Mike came up with the idea for an online scavenger hunt, which slowly morphed into online trivial pursuit.

Which means if you don't know the answers you can look them up online.
Please DO NOT post your answers in the comments section.
Send them to me by email, if you don't know my email, look it up, afterall, it is a scavenger hunt, isn't it?
You've got till 12:01 AM EDT Sunday morning to submit your answers.
The winner, or winners, may get a prize, depending on how I feel.
Sooooo, without further ado ...

The Test

1. Who is the only player to pitch a perfect game in baseball’s World Series?
2. “We don’t need no stinkin’ badges” is a line from what movie?
3. In what novel would you find a character named Robert Ackley?
4. Who were the original seven members of The Real World … Blogger Style?
5. Who is actress Ione Skye’s father?
6. In the 60’s the leader of the band The Byrds changed his name to Roger McGuinn, what did he change it from?
7. Who won seven gold medals in the 1972 summer Olympics?
8. How did actor/singer Dean Martin’s son Dino die?
9. The Beatle’s song Norwegian Wood was based on a one night stand that John Lennon had with what actress?
10. Who wrote and recorded the song The Grand Ennui?
11. What city are the street names from the board game Monopoly located in?
12. In what city would you find the streets Haight and Ashbury?
13. What were the names of the rock groups that Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young were in before they formed CSN&Y?
14. What cast member of the MTV show The Real World died from AIDS?
15. What do Kurt Vonnegut Jr, and Geraldo Rivera have in common?
16. Who coined the term “Rock and Roll”?
17. What made baseball player Pete Gray unique?
18. Who played lead guitar on the Michael Jackson song, Beat It?
19. What was significant about the deaths of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams?
20. Since 1820 who is the only US president elected in a year that ends in zero that hasn’t died in office? (Not counting the current president, because he hasn’t left office yet.)

Fast as you

I've decided that there are some things in my past I need to atone for. Since I won't be able to apologize to anyone for them, I'll make amends by fasting one day for every one on my list. Anyone ever fasted before? Any tips?

I wonder if this will factor positively in my goal to let the past go.

I took the members buzznet albums off the page

but you can still view them in the friends section of the Photo Challenge link.

The page is starting to load really slow

so I am going to be deleting some of the stuff on the sidebar that is just taking up space.

I think that we all need a Signature Phrase.

A phrase that is uniquely are own and identifies us as such.
my signature phrase is: Well, damn!

ahhh! here's a quiz for y'all.

if you are going to a fast food restaurant and ask for a "plain cheeseburger" what do you intend to receive?

A) a burger with a bun and a slice of cheese and nothing else, or
B) a burger with everything imagineable EXCEPT cheese.

i more often than not get the morons in the drivethrough who think it is B (or some undefined C), which is precisely the opposite of what i want. i want A, dammit, and is that too much to ask? i'm only swinging through these damn drivethroughs now and then cuz my current work hours lead to much time in between meals. woe is me.



Tuesday, April 13, 2004


Hi all,
I no longer wish to be a part of RWBS. It was fun while it lasted, and I appreciate you allowing me to join. But the time has come for me to go. Thanks for everything Boz... please unlink me as soon as you get the chance. :-)


It's been said a picture's worth a thousand words...

Read the story here.

Curiosity killed the...

The hot tub was HOT-TTT last night

as we welcomed ATLSuperStar to the house, and don't worry ATL, it will grow back eventually.
Any other comments?

Oh yeah, Sandra added a buzznet album to the page.

Monday, April 12, 2004

The Photo Challenge Entry that dvl didn't want you to see.

Is it really that shocking?

my bad

sorry gang, i broke the garbage disposal last night. i had no idea a shot glass could get thrashed that easily and still clog it all up. boz, you'll have to call a repairman. the 7 remaining fingers and 1 eyeball can attest to my inability to fix things.


...this Monday better start feeling like a Thursday... FAST!! (or else i'm going to need an IV-drip)

Don't you think it's time for another hot tub session?

How about Monday night at 11pm edt, 10 pm cdt, 9 pm mdt, or 8pm pdt???
Be there or be square.

Sunday, April 11, 2004


I like big butts and I cannot lie...

It must be boz' tremendous authority that makes me feel like I HAVE to apologize for my lax posting in the last week... so here we go: I'm sorry. So so sorry. I'll do the dishes of all housemates for the next week.

My official excuse is that my mom visited me for a few days. It was awesome... though she forced me to listen to the "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack all the time and to watch films with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. But then again she invited me to a fancy restaurant where I not only had the best fillet steak in my whole life, but I also sat at a table where the Bee Gees and Englebert Humperdink used to sit as well. Woah. You know, my butt was in contact with the chair that used to be in contact with Englebert Humperdinks/ the Gibb brothers' butt(s)... so my butt virtually rubbed the celebrities' butts. Jealous, huh?
Well, I was THAT excited that I performed Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back" on our way home on the subway, but let's not get into details.

So, here I am after all and I promise not to neglect the RWBS again, but in the unlikely case that I do so, I'll watch Meg Ryan movies as a punishment. That's just fair.
Happy Easter

If you are ever in a bar in Tulsa...

And you hear the DJ say the words "Creek Nation in the house" take my advice: find the nearest exit and run like hell screaming into the night. Because life is about to get a hell of a lot more complicated. To tell you any more, I'd have to see your CDIB card.

At any rate, I just spent a lovely and low-key evening - wait, make that no-key evening - with my uncle, his girlfriend, and my very first ever real true love and his basically common law wife (also known as the mother of his child).

I loved this boy like mad from the time I was 13 until I was 23. I don't know if he ever loved me like that, but at a few points in our lives, simultaneously in fact, during nights that were too short, I think we felt "something" in our quivering mid-sections and recognized its existence between heavy breaths and fumbling tongues. He may have loved me like that. I think I saw it tonight.

In the 15 years my family has known him, he has come to be one of us, yet earlier my little age-thirteen heart still jumped when he looked at me and my mid-section quivered with an anxiety that will never quite be quelled. I don't suppose my love for him ever really grew up, and honestly, I hope it never matures.

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Happy 16th Birthday

to belle's favorite actor,
Haley Joel Osment.

Sixteen, isn't that the age of consent in New Hampshire?

Atl's self-portrait

has been posted, she's no Picasso, but ehhh, from what I've heard, neither was Picasso.


One half of The Corey's here. I'm the mid-season replacement and the rare token American Indian. I'm doing this in lieu of commitment to a rehabilitation program in sunny Venice Beach. I'm doing this in lieu of any commitment at all.

I'd like to thank Boz for making this all possible. I wear my sunglasses at night for you, Bozzius. Dream a little dream of me.


Friday, April 09, 2004

jelly beans for the soul

belle's gift to boz has me all re-excited about easter. i just finished my shopping, so i am all ready to pile some of the goodies into a basket for my nieces and nephew boyfriend and eat the rest. i ‹3 Cadbury Bunny.

Package from belle

I got a package of stuff from belle today.
UPS delivered it while I was out so they left it here.
Call me anal, but I had to take a picture of the box.
Here's the stuff!!!
And this is belle's idea of a joke.

I Spy - Topic #3


Take a picture of an animal -- it can be big or small, domestic or wild, on land or in water, real or stuffed.

As always, including yourself in the pic is encouraged, but not a requirement.

Post your photo to the Buzznet photoblog on Monday, April 12, 2004.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

I command thee Chicken!

Command the Chicken. Tell the chicken, he'll do anything.

Screw This

This is a test post.
Can anybody see this?

Mad has posted his self portrait.

RW Microcosm Update

Please allow me this moment of self-indulgence -

What's immediately apparent is the pink rose (Belle) is gone!
Probably plucked, unless the coyotes got it.

The red roses (Sandra) have blossomed into Sandra #s 1, 2, 3...probably at least a dozen.

The hose (Boz) has been shot-off all over the place - at least once.

The diving board (Dvl) - still bouncing, nobody's hurt themselves on her yet.

The barbecue grill (Bored Housewife) - still cookin'.

My reflection in the pool (Marci) is still there when I look for her, she appears drunk.

Neither the beer bottle (Goose) nor the snorkle (Zoot) are anywhere to be found.

I was going to uninstall the light fixture since Hard Artist left...but the house owners weren't willing to indulge me on that.

I thought the waterwings (Zann and Mike) had left as well, but found them bundled up in a petstore bag next to a toy chair -

There's a new orange rose on the left which I originally pegged as Mad Mathius; but keeping with my analogy, it would be a remanifestation of Belle and Mad Mathius would be stepping into Hard Artist's spot as the night light.

I'm assuming nobody wants to be the big bag of garden fertilizer.

That will be all.
How I can be so insanely busy and still manage to waste, not just my own, but everybody's time it beyond me.

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step one of my initiation

i must be getting
old. seems i have to shave more
than once a week now.

Answer Me These Questions Three:

(aka. Thursday 3)

1. If you could spend an evening (i.e., dinner & drinks) getting to know one famous person (living or dead), who would it be?

2. If you could BE a famous person for 24 hours, who would you be?

3. Have you ever met a famous person or been mistaken for one? (Who?)

(we're not reinventing the wheel here, people)

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

The Tommy Page Chronicles

I would like to clear up this misconception about me and Tommy Page. Remember how everyone thought Jonnie was obsessed with Zann? And it turned out to be completely true? Yeah, this isn't like that.
I mean, it was purely a coincidence that I happened to be standing outside the lovely Hampton Beach Casino when Tommy stepped off his tour bus.

Also, please note that I am not one of the acid-wash jean clad girls in the following picture, and not because I'm afraid of heights, and not because I was already in his room hiding in the bathtub, but because I do not love Tommy in such a way that would necessitate climbing in his window to ask him to sign my shoe.

Anything else you might hear is a complete fabrication. Especially if Tommy tells you himself and he mentions a stuffed bunny and a restraining order.

I was going to let him slide but ...

since he busted my chops on our new adopted baseball team
it is time to give Mad his initiation assignment.
First: Write a haiku about yourself using the 5-7-5 syllable format and post it in here.
Second: Create a self portrait of yourself, send it to me and I will post it on the self portrait page.

We have adopted a baseball team to follow this season

However, calling them a baseball team might be stretching it a bit.
Ladies and gents may I present the Official Team of The Real World ... Blogger Style ......
The Detroit Tigers !!!

Go get 'em Tigers.

Tommy, Tommy, Tommy !!!

Who is this strange but wondrous artist we call Tommy Page?

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Gundam anyone?

Does your Gundam have glowing swords that are sound activated to flash to the music on your stereo? I didn't think so.


Apocolyptic Survival Quiz Result

Sorry I didn't post in the comments, but I loved the picture too much - That particular photo of looks exactly like my father in the late 70s!

He used to carry an afro pick with him at all times.

What's nu-clear, woah-oh-woah-oh-WOAH-oh
Which Survivor of the Impending Nuclear Apocalypse Are You?
A Rum and Monkey joint.

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In The Event Of A Real Nuclear Apocalypse, I Will Be Hanging From The Monkey Bars


Check out lisa's latest buzznet photo posts. They were taken at MOAB and they are awwwww-some.
Now if I only knew what MOAB stood for?

Does it still have to be a secret?

That mad is my secret online boyfriend. It might make things a bit strange in the house, but he will dump me real fast like the Hard Artist did. But for now Mad is in my room right?!?!??!?!?!


are you looking at ME?
okay, fine, so i've ignored my list of chores for so long it's grown to 6 pages of legal paper--both sides.
and, sure, i've been too drunk to make coherant thoughts for the past few weeks.
and maybe i've had a few too many guys coming in and out of here for y'all to count.
but you know what?
i'm still a member of this house.
and neither you nor those asshole producers over at MTV can kick me off.
because i have a contract and i haven't broken any of the rules.
not that you can prove, anyway...
and besides, i'm only in this for the money, anyway.
and the fame.
and the free gucci gift bags...


Monday, April 05, 2004

ding dong

i'm the new roomie, so let's dispense with any pleasantries and get to the point. where's the fridge?

I added

a site meter to the bottom of the page and if you click on By Referrals in the general section of the left hand column you can find out where the last 100 visitors have surfed in from.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

This one's for Zann

Top 10 Signs You've Watched Too Much Star Trek

1. You send weekly love letters to the actress who played the Green Skinned Orion Slave Girl in episode number 7.
2. You pull the legs off your hamster so you'll have a tribble.
3. You tried to join the Navy just so you could serve aboard the Enterprise..
4. Your wife left you because you wanted her to dress like a Klingon and torture you for information.
5. You went to San Francisco to see if you might bump into Kirk and crew while they were in the 20th century looking for a whale.
6. Your college thesis was a Comparison of the Illustrious Careers of T.J. Hooker and Capt. Kirk.
7. You fly into a homicidal rage anytime people say "Star Trek? Isn't that the one with Luke Skywalker?"
8. You have no life.
9. You recognize more than 4 references on this list.
10. You join NASA, hijack a shuttle, and head for the coordinates you calculated for the planet Vulcan.

Famous people

are better than us, if you don't believe me check this out.
Or cut to the chase and check out the loops.

Hey Everybody ...

It's Nancy McKeon's 38th birthday!!!

What is your favorite Nancy McKeon Moment?

For me it was the brief lesbian moment shared by Nancy and Lisa Whelchel on a Very Special Episode of Facts of Life.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

I think we should all consider

submitting pics to this site.
Well, at least some of us should.
Yeah, ok, the link may not be safe for work, or family re-unions.

Personality test at

The Spark

My results
(Dominant Introvert Abstract Thinker )

Like just 4% of the population you are an EXPERIMENTER (DIAT). Although you're slightly shy (admit it!), you love control. When a problem comes in your way, you stomp on it swiftly and decisively. You are bothered easily by failure in others and failure in yourself. You don't like people that you don't think are intelligent. Rather than arguing with them, however, you would just as soon ignore them altogether.

In relationships, you have a strong heart. And because you're introverted, people take you as someone they can trust. But the fact is that in addition to solving problems, you like to create them. So there's a decent chance that you'll cheat on a loved one. If you do, you'll likely get away with it.

You're a good person at heart, but then again, who isn't?

Friday, April 02, 2004

The Photo Challenge is DVL's project

If you have any questions, problems, or comments please contact her.
She threatened to kick my ass if I didn't delegate, delegate, delegate.

I Spy - Topic #2


Take a picture of something that best captures 'emptyness' (or just of something empty).

As always, including yourself in the pic is encouraged, but not a requirement.

Post your photo to the Buzznet photoblog on Monday, April 5, 2004.

*** NOTE: Goose shall not be excluded from particiation in the weekly challenge due to the lack of a digital camera... Goose may post pics he finds online, etc. to the buzznet to participate in the challenge.

[GOOSE!!!! Rules are meant to be broken! We love you, dude, so consider the rules bent/broken for you!]

Here is a link for

Mike, Jonnie, and Goose, it might not be safe for work.
Safe ... get it ???

The Other White Meat

Demonic Bunnies Speak To Me

No, demonic bunnies don't actually speak to me. But if they did I bet they would sound a lot like Michael Stipe and they would repeat "I'm sorry" over and over again. And then they would tell me to kill people. Because that's what demonic bunnies do, you don't have to like it. I don't.

Lisa aka The Bored Housewife

has started a buzznet photo gallery.
We now have three members with buzznet galleries linked on the page.

Thursday, April 01, 2004


Hey guys! This week has been insanely dizzy. Please forgive my absenteeism. I'll post more this weekend, possibly even tomorrow. But for now, I leave you with one of my most cherished internet animations....... It's called NosePilot! You want to go see the blue kitty!

PS. There's sounds, so utilize those speakers.

For all you people who can't see the pics on The Grand Ennui

(meaning belle)

Buddy Christ says

Jump Ball

Answer Me These Questions Three:

(aka. Thursday 3)

1. What... is your name?
2. What... is your quest?
3. What... is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Well, I had to start somewhere with three questions... next week will be more creative.

Ok, so no one fell for my April Fool joke

So it's on to other things.
I'm leaving for Alpena in a few minutes, but when I get back SHOULD I write a re-cap about what happened in the Hot Tub last night, for the few that couldn't make it?
Oh yeah, we are changing the south park icons, it was a noble experiment, but doomed to failure.
We will be using icons from this site since they are all uniform in size. So make your pick and send it to my hotmail address and I'll start adding them.
I will probably post temporary ones until I get yours, and they may not be pretty.
I'm sorry, I just can't take the pressure of this site anymore.
I am closing it down as of today.