The Real World ... Blogger Style: 11/01/2008 - 12/01/2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

i'll cry if i want to!

saw this and i thought of my former boss. miss. s:

thank you for making my day just that more bearable!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Sierra Mist Free Cranberry Splash video taste test.

Tune in tonight for the Sierra Mist Free Cranberry Splash taste test.

It promises to be a video highlight of the holiday season.

10 things

1. My feet are cold.
2. I'm baking two potatoes in the microwave, they should be done in 8 minutes.
3. I got a haircut yesterday. It cost $13.99 and I gave her a three dollar tip.
4. I put my new license sticker on yesterday.
5. There is snow on the ground.
6. I have a new shower curtain, it is black and clear vinyl.
7. I bought a turkey breast yesterday for thanksgiving dinner.
8. I bought cranberry sauce today for thanksgiving dinner.
9. You know what is really good to eat? Ruby red grapefruit sections in light syrup, sprinkled with sugar, but they are very hard to find in a can.
10. I have Prince Albert in the can, ahahahahahaha.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Challenge RLB...

...I think this is a better mask to wear.
I pull it off, eh??
Cookie digs it I bet.
belle wears it to ward off Bob Saget AND Dave Coulier.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Guess, dammit, guess

Guess who is flying out to California in February and staying with dvl for a week?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mexi Bat Wrestler Mask

Check out this bat-themed Mexican wrestler mask I picked up a couple weeks ago:

Sandra & RLB - Venice Beach, Nov. 2008.

I like that the bat is smiling. A guy was selling them on Venice Beach for no more than what you'd pay for a t-shirt.

I was going to try wearing it into Jay Leno, but we thought it might not pass security.

I'm keeping it in the trunk of my car in case I ever need it.

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

So, where have I been, where have I been???

It doesn't matter where I've been, because I'm back, and I'm not leaving, unless of course I leave tomorrow, and here are ten things that I am pissed about, and ten reasons why I am taking back custody of this blog, this blog that I started over twenty five years ago when Regan was still president, and Rambo ruled!!!

1.When did RLB become the poster boy for Middle Class Fuckin' America?
2. My god, six months before he met Sandra he was living in a shed, and now he wants a house, and I bet he wants a SAFE ROOM in this so-called house he OHHHHHH, JUST HAS TO HAVE!
3. What's the matter RLB, are you TOO GOOD to take baths in gas station restrooms anymore???
4. And Cookie, if thats really your name, and if it is, I kind of hope your last name is Crumbles, because, well, I don't know why because, but I just know because.
5. Furthermore, if you ever decide to become a stripper and use the name Cookie Crumbles, I want a cut of the action, the side action, and I think you know what I mean when I say side action.
6. Ok, number six is an insulting post about JonnieC, and I really don't have to write anything because I'm sure JohnnyC will leave a comment that is way more self-insulting than I could ever come up with.
7. Sandra ... Sandra ... Sandra are you there, or are you out organizing a putsch at the animal shelter?
8. Dvl, yeah, you, are you two busy living the high life in WeHo to even stop in and say "hey boz"
9. I can't say anything bad about Marcie, because she's dead, or am I thinking about Bernie Mac, I always get the two of them confused.
10. And where does that leave Belle? Oh wait, I mean, where does that leave RosaPosa, of course, she's married now, and wants to live in a house, hey RosaPosa, maybe you and Jonnie can move into a house together somewhere in the South Pacific.
11. I didn't forget belle. She's in Aruba looking for Jon Benet Ramsey, yeah, I know, but try telling that to belle.

The name is Joad, Tom Joad.

Oh please Mr. Jonnie, don't forsake blogging, it needs you.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

pictures say a thousand words...

poor kitty kitty...

who can resist a ginger???

oh, the good times....

;) you know it RLB!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

yep yep...hmmmm

for some reason everything i'm typing is being hyperlinked.

make it stoooop!

oh, there. whew!

well howdy from the dc metro area! this photo was snapped at a nice country affair in virginia. there were pumpkins galore. but who wants to see a picture of an uncarved pumpkin??!!

OOOOHHH!! almost forgot. good story. at a restaurant during brunch this past weekend, there was a disturbing, yet quite exciting event.
a pigeon was hotly pursued by a hawk in urban DC. all of a sudden there was a large THWACK! heard in the restaurant. all eyes were looking towards the sound. after a few moments i realized it was OUTside. there they were. both birds lying dead on the ground with their necks snapped.

how's that work? darwin was almost right. the pigeon was going to meet his maker in the belly of the hawk, but the pigeon decided, OH NO, i'm taking you with me!

everyone appeared disturbed in the restaurant, but i couldn't help saying aloud, HOW COOOOL...

'cause it was.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A Tribute

My Grandfather, Bill Corbin, died Sunday night at the age of 91.
<---- The Pennsylvania Railroad T1 engine at the Chicago World's Fair, which my grandpa (as we call him) fired. A magical engine.
He worked hard and he worked his kids harder. I knew the water well business he had (with Boss of the Tool Bitch) and I knew he was a railroad man (he fired steam engines and was a diesel-electric engineer with Pennsylvania/PennCentral/Conrail) before he retired in the early '80s. Most of all, he was tough. A small man, but tough. 7 kids, 3 wives, all of whom died before him.
<---- This rig is not too dissimilar from the 1-W rig that B.O.T.B and I still use to repair some wells around Columbia City and Whitley County. Tough machine, old technology, "Backhoe Bill" wouldn't have it any other way. (And he didn't borrow money...)
In honor I'm going to throw expensive tools (much like he would) until I feel better. Throw a toaster or a TV or a kid in honor of Backhoe Bill.