The Real World ... Blogger Style: yep yep...hmmmm

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

yep yep...hmmmm

for some reason everything i'm typing is being hyperlinked.

make it stoooop!

oh, there. whew!

well howdy from the dc metro area! this photo was snapped at a nice country affair in virginia. there were pumpkins galore. but who wants to see a picture of an uncarved pumpkin??!!

OOOOHHH!! almost forgot. good story. at a restaurant during brunch this past weekend, there was a disturbing, yet quite exciting event.
a pigeon was hotly pursued by a hawk in urban DC. all of a sudden there was a large THWACK! heard in the restaurant. all eyes were looking towards the sound. after a few moments i realized it was OUTside. there they were. both birds lying dead on the ground with their necks snapped.

how's that work? darwin was almost right. the pigeon was going to meet his maker in the belly of the hawk, but the pigeon decided, OH NO, i'm taking you with me!

everyone appeared disturbed in the restaurant, but i couldn't help saying aloud, HOW COOOOL...

'cause it was.