The Real World ... Blogger Style: 03/01/2009 - 04/01/2009

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Here's A New Post For Ya...

OK so nobody's posted anything lately so I'll take up the torch.

There's nothing new going on in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the Midwest, up my ass, in the region of Uranus, in orbit around Boz's head, near Jonnie's stomach, nobody's touching belle's monkey, I heard dvl is wanted in Hawaii for impersonating a hula dancer, several former members of this blog are serving time in New Hampshire for selling old computers with photos still in the memory banks of RLB without a shirt on (and they found it offensive,) Juan Bodley is going into business renting out the Tool Bitch to strip clubs as "the Host With The Least" and finally Sandra has been seen behind the scenes stalking the male dancers on Dancing With The Stars.

There's your update.


Friday, March 13, 2009

You have to be nice to me..

cos its my birthday today...

and i got this!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Oh my god!!!

I just remembered that I gave Jonnie my cell phone number!
What if he tries to call me and blackmail me, ehhh, knowing Jonnie he's probably already lost it.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

You Know It's Bad When...

when you see this in the front yard of the mayor...
when your neighbor's kids are making this because daddy lost his job as CEO of AIG, eieio...
when the ice business you started failed because you didn't buy more ice...
when your hockey team chokes after a 5 to 1 lead...
when you run out of PEPSI...


Tuesday, March 03, 2009


1 heavy winter
1 rain - year round
1 lightweight for spring and fall (optional)

1 wool for spring and fall (optional)

3 cotton - year round
1 velveteen for parties
1 silk or nylon for Sundays and dress-up occasions
1 full-skirted silk or chiffon for dances

4 cotton skirts -
2 straight or flared in solid colors;
2 full or dirndle style, prints or plain
2 wool, velveteen or corduroy skirts
4 cotton blouses (8 are better)
3 sweaters (including 1 cardigan to throw over party dresses)
2 pairs of shorts or pants

1 fall and winter
1 spring and summer

1 for every day1 for dress-up

1 pair warm winter
2 pairs short white cotton
1 pair long white for evening (optional)

2 pairs low-heeled for school
1 pair high-heeled for dress up
1 pair sneakers
1 pair sandals or flats
1 pair overshoes
1 pair winter outdoor boots

Stockings and sockes:
3 pairs nylon stockings
4 pairs short white socks
3 pairs short dark socks
2 pairs knee length socks2 pairs tights (optional)

Lingerie :
3 bras
4 pairs of panties
2 girdles or garter belts
2 panty girdles (optional)
1 petticoat (optional)
3 full slips3 half-slips
3 nightgowns or pajamas
1 tailored bathrobe
1 housecoat or negligee (optional)

I wonder what Miss 1964 would think about my jeans and hooded sweater today.

well hello!

amigos, friends, and whatever else.. rosaposa here blogging straight from a sydney classroom to you. So what has the newly married rosaposa been up to? well getting married of course! moving into a new home, getting involved in legal disputes about said new home. making and selling heaps of jewellery and more (check out a few bits and pieces at the jewellery blog)

Ive been thinking about blogging alot lately i really only gave it up once i met my HB simply because i had lost a lot of free time ( i didnt mind that too much though :) ) is till enjoy writing and reading about all of you and miss my ole friend bozzaroo (sorry to hear about that cold)

Ok so im cool .. i have a red kitchen and so my life is complete..

over and out.

Monday, March 02, 2009

I have such a cold

Life has been weird the past few months.
First MB passed away.
Then I went down to Florida for about three weeks, and the pet store charged me 80 bucks to board the bird that mocks me.
Then I came back from Florida.
Then I got sick and went to the ER, and they told me my Gall Bladder had to come out, but they wanted to wait until it wasn't quite as infected, but they kept me overnight and filled me up with all kinds of antibiotics, and told me I could wait as long as I wanted to have my gall bladder removed.
Two days later I had to call an ambulance to take me to the hospital and I had emergency gall bladder surgery the next day, and I had to spend like three more nights in the hospital, and this is after they told me that most people are released just hours after surgery.
Then a week and a half ago I flew to LA and stayed with dvl and her family, and we saw all sorts of cool sites, then we all caught colds, and I think mine was the worst, and you know, dvl still looked pretty hot even though she had a cold, and then I flew home on Saturday, but my flight was delayed two hours because there was something wrong with the plane and they were trying to fix it, and I thought, instead of trying to fix it why didn't they just get a plane that didn't need fixing, but they didn't, and when we finally took off everything went smoothly, except for the fact that I had to use various airport lavatories about a half a dozen times because my digestive system still isn't 100% after my gall bladder surgery, but I'm home now, and my cold is starting to break up, and you see that picture just under this text ... believe it or not, Tom Cruise was hiding behind the sign making out with John Travolta, and I swear I'm not lying.