The Real World ... Blogger Style: Here's A New Post For Ya...

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Here's A New Post For Ya...

OK so nobody's posted anything lately so I'll take up the torch.

There's nothing new going on in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the Midwest, up my ass, in the region of Uranus, in orbit around Boz's head, near Jonnie's stomach, nobody's touching belle's monkey, I heard dvl is wanted in Hawaii for impersonating a hula dancer, several former members of this blog are serving time in New Hampshire for selling old computers with photos still in the memory banks of RLB without a shirt on (and they found it offensive,) Juan Bodley is going into business renting out the Tool Bitch to strip clubs as "the Host With The Least" and finally Sandra has been seen behind the scenes stalking the male dancers on Dancing With The Stars.

There's your update.