The Real World ... Blogger Style: well hello!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

well hello!

amigos, friends, and whatever else.. rosaposa here blogging straight from a sydney classroom to you. So what has the newly married rosaposa been up to? well getting married of course! moving into a new home, getting involved in legal disputes about said new home. making and selling heaps of jewellery and more (check out a few bits and pieces at the jewellery blog)

Ive been thinking about blogging alot lately i really only gave it up once i met my HB simply because i had lost a lot of free time ( i didnt mind that too much though :) ) is till enjoy writing and reading about all of you and miss my ole friend bozzaroo (sorry to hear about that cold)

Ok so im cool .. i have a red kitchen and so my life is complete..

over and out.