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Friday, February 29, 2008

A genuine boz snowglobe


Carpe Diem!
Today I wasted a small part of my freebee bonus day (courtesy of Leap Year) by visiting the Jumbotron Generator.

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

9 Reasons RLB Will NEVER Revive Burger Chef

1. RLB can't remember the "employees must wash hands rule." (and I hear that he used to put "unauthorized items" into the Filet-O-Fish fryer...)
2. Sandra prefers the Burger King over the 'Chef anyway.
3. EastCentral Michigan can hardly support McDonald's, so no management of a franchise for Boz.
4. RLB fancies himself a future Office Depot owner, deep down...
5. belle and dvl would have ground beef fights in the cooler.
6. He offered the position of "giant Burger Chef character standing curbside" to AmyJo; she told him to stuff it between his buns.
7. JohnnyC. might lose his eye in the ice machine.
8. The "Free CDs of 'RLB Sings Bob Dylan' in every FunMeal" would chase off 2 out of every 34 customers who park their cars to walk through the drive-thru...
9. Really, who the hell wants to eat Burger Chef???


Don't Strain Your Brain.

Hey Hey!
I found a Wordfind Generator!

Well, it didn't line up perfectly square when I copy and pasted it into the blog, so I have made it available as a Word document.

Download the RW...Wordfind HERE, then print it off and go crazy (don't look at page 2, that is where the solution it).

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

10 similarities between dvl and boz

1. We both have thyroid problems.
2. We have both taken complete strangers into the hot tub and had our way with them.
3. We both have posture bars and know how to use them.
4. Both our visages have adorned postage stamps of small island republics in the South Pacific.
5. We are both exhibitionists.
6. No, we are both voyeurs.
7. No, I'm an exhibitionist.
8. And dvl is a voyeur.
9. If these were Roman times we would both be worshipped as deities.
10. We are both in awe of each other.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

RW ... BS gossip

Courtesy of Flixn

Monday, February 18, 2008

History of the RW...BS!

I'm spending this Presidents Day familiarizing myself with Windows Moviemaker which is included with Windows Vista (I'll be using MacIntosh's similar iMovie for a local history project at work, so I wanted to familiarize myself with the editing process during my day off).

I was originally going to make a series of RW...BS history documentaries from parts 1 & 2 of Boz's old audioblogs as well as my recollections, but it's a pretty time consuming process and I used all my archival images up during this first part, so I'm gonna just stop here.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

T.S. Eliot by RLB, Period 5

I found a high school English report I wrote about T.S. Eliot which is just over 20 years old today. It's not very interesting, but I think it's pretty amusing.
First off, there are some style issues - While the paper begins as a properly type-written paper (although the pages are numbered by hand), things take a radical turn at page 3 when I switched to a double-spaced hand-written style for no apparent reason until I decided to resume typing at page 7:
Page 1Page 3Page 7
I don't remember if I was having trouble with my typewriter, or if I decided to add a section at the last minute after typing the final draft, but it's a pretty early indicator that inconsistency has never been a big deal with me. Actually, the flow of the paper isn't altered at all, so I don't think I added the handwritten section later. I probably ran out of typewriter ribbon, continued by hand, then resumed typing when I got a new typewriter ribbon but I didn't want to re-type what I just wrote.

I also noticed common spelling mistakes which I still make today (for some reason, I always want to spell "heavily" as "heavilly".

But stylistic concerns aside, this paper has some pretty piss-poor content. All I remember about the assignment is we were supposed to incorportate historical criticism of the author and I never bothered to read any of Eliot's works when I wrote that paper. I just checked some criticism and published interviews out from the local library and wrote the paper more or less in a vacuum, applying quotations randomly and entirely out of context; which is the main reason it's such a crappy paper.

So, for your edification:
Here's an extremely brief history of T.S. Eliot as told by a young RLB through selected excerpts from that paper:

In 1914, Eliot decided to move to Europe because he considered America to be unstimulating to his poetic needs...Eliot was not suited to live in America...He hated the democratic one point, he even seriously considered becoming a Bhuddist, but decided against it after realizing that...would require him to give up his European style of thinking, which he did not feel was worth the price.

While always staying very private and unopen about his personal life, one of the most widely known facts about T.S. Eliot is that his first marriage was a total disaster. Vivienne Haigh-Wood was a mentally unstable, sickly, over-dependent burden who did not deserve a relationship with a man of Eliot's intelligence and social standing. She always would whine around and force Eliot to grant her every wish...The only really suitable reason for the continuance of Eliot's marriage to Vivienne was that he sort of thrived on pain.

Some critics of Eliot consider him to be the type of man to latch onto certain people because of their social class...This is, however, a drastically inaccurate picture of Eliot and holds no merit whatsoever...In the words of Doris L. Elder, "No social climber would have married Vivienne haigh-wood".

His boss gave him a paid one month leave of absence to straighten out his mind, but he only seemed to decline.

In 1927, his life began to come together after he joined the Anglo-Catholic church and also became a citizen of England...The only problem that Eliot faced was that of his wife Vivienne continually nagging at him.

While professing to believe in a monarchy as the best form of government, it is apparent that Eliot just did not want to admit that he favored the fascist form of government...T.S. Eliot wanted to take away the free thinking of the Jews.

When questioned aboout his anti-Jewish sentiments, Eliot would always state that it was against his religion to have such thoughts, but would never actually deny them.

T.S. Eliot is without a doubt one of the greatest poets of all time. His poetry ranges from the philosophical to the Christian.

Maybe I'll try to add some of this to Eliot's wikipedia entry.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

In Spite of Ourselves by John Prine and Iris DeMent.

My god, it's the Jonnie and Sandra story!