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Sunday, July 31, 2005

From the Vaults

Damn, I thought I had more pics of my 80s ghetto blaster, but haven't retained as many as I thought I did. It's a good thing I don't mind posting unflattering pictures of myself:

Jonnie & his ghetto blaster in 1985.

Andy banging his head against Jonnie's ghetto blaster in 1985.

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Look at this one!

This 1982 model included a fold-down record player!

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It's 80's Week!!!

The history of the boombox.

An exhaustive history of the boombox in words and pictures.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Where have you gone AmyJo, our nation turns it's lonely eyes to you

I have had some email contact with AmyJo since she left Big Sur. She is stressed out, but doing ok, and contemplating her next move.
She has no phone and very limited internet access.
If you have any questions or comments for her, just let me know and I will forward it to her.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

I'm serious

Are there any good television programs on a channel under 200 that I should be watching, excluding any of that reality show crap, unless it is really bad reality show crap.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

would you like to play a game?

be a tosser

because having fun fun fun is key!


For the first annual RW...BS "Post Anything Day", I am proud to annouce:


Jon Benet sticker on a parking meter.


Ebay statue (Item description reads, "Hot Dog HotDog All American Ketchup Mustard").

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Hey, somebody post something!

Poetry ... nah.
Conspiracy theories?
Near death experiences?

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Canned Meat Foul-ups

Oooops, how about a little quality control here!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Canned Meat

Canned meat a pictorial review.

Canned Meat: Selected Anecdotes

Canned meat has been very influential on me and I could talk about it all day, but will limit myself to only 2 of my favorite canned meat recollections:

1. Vienna Sausages - I never liked Vienna sausages and neither did my brother or any of our acquaintences, so when we started having people over to view girly movies (circa 1989 - 1992 or so), we would maintain order with a "Vienna Sausage Clause". If anybody was overly disruptive (I think "disruptive" was defined as interfering with the girly movies, persistant farting, or just generally "preventing other participants from feeling good"), we would force them to eat a vienna sausage as punishment. And if they refused to eat it, they had to leave. We kept a can of vienna sausages sitting on top of the television or VCR at all times as a reminder. And it actually was pretty effective.

2. Chicken of the Sea - When I was living in the Alaskan Bush (pre-internet), entertainment was hard to come by. One thing I would do to amuse myself was write to companies and try to get free coupons. I wrote a letter to Chicken of the Sea and told them there was a chicken feather in my can of tuna and it was probably put in there by a worker on the production line who thought it was a clever play on the "Chicken" part of the product name.

Chicken of the Sea responded by saying it is very unlikely that a worker did that due to their stringent quality control. They gave me two coupons for free cans of tuna though.

When I return to Alaska next month, I'll see if I still have their letter in storage.

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Canned Meat Weekend III

One of the seven cans of tuna that has been in my fridge for at least three years.

If you have a cat ... never mind.
PS - I am also half naked.

Canned meat weekend

I love canned Wurst specialties from my home region Rhineland-Palatinate, like Leberwurst, Schinkenwurst or Blutwurst.

I also love canned tuna.

I do not love the canned sardines in tomato sauce I accidentally bought yesterday (I meant to buy mackerel).

And yeah, sitting almost naked in front of my computer holding canned fish to the webcam is the way I like to spend my saturday evenings. I'm such a party girl.

It's a Canned Meat Weekend on RW ... BS

Canned Ham

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Friday, July 22, 2005

Digital Summer

It is "Digital Summer" over at Del Taco!
Each drink has a peel-off game piece, and according to the hype, "Every Game Piece A Winner"!

So to celebrate the virtual breakdown of geographical boundaries and since I don't have much inclination to download games or music this summer, I will post my winning gamepiece codes to the zonkboard and whoever sees it first can go to to claim their prize.

Boz has already downloaded a free 13 minute song!

Long Live Digital Summer and Long Live Del Taco!

PS - According to this store locator, Michigan is one of the few non-West Coast states to host a Del Taco. Road trip, Boz!

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Mean Girls quiz

I found this quiz on the Detroit Free Press

Quiz: Are you a mean girl?

1. When you walk down the hall, most of the time you are:

a. alone

b. with your gang

c. with your best bud

2. Sometimes you:

a. get laughed at by other girls

b. make fun of the not-so-popular girls' clothes

c. hang with your friends and have so much fun you forget it's time to go

3. You know how it feels to:

a. be gossiped about

b. make someone look bad so you look good

c. care for a friend who is hurt

4. You spend hours:

a. worrying about how not to be seen by other girls

b. thinking about how to get even with someone

c. helping your friends through tough times

5. When you go to school you are:

a. afraid to go to the bathroom alone

b. loving life

c. counseling your friends about all their problems

6. Your parents:

a. would say you worry a lot about going to school

b. know that you are happiest when you are with your friends

c. taught you how to care for others

7. At least once a week:

a. another girl laughs at you or picks on you

b. you talk about another girl in a way that puts her down

c. you try to make your friend feel really good about herself

8. You have cried at school:

a. many times

b. only occasionally when a guy is a jerk

c. not really at all, because you save that for your bedroom

Now, add up your scores this way: A=3; B=2; C=1.


18-24 points: You have mean girl problems

11-17 points: You have mean girl tendencies

8-10 points: You aren't a mean girl at all!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


..that "the hoff" cant possibly be evil.

Anyone in the mood for a hoffdog?

Monday, July 18, 2005

Science for Jonnie

Two very Rebel Leady myths to prove or disprove tonight on Mythbusters. One involved massive explosions (using 850lbs of commercial blasting agents) to blast the inside of a concrete truck (to remove concrete residue and concrete that has set in the mixer) and the other involved salsa. Knowing Jonnies love of mexican, lets have alook at this one.


Can someone break out of a jail cell by eating through the iron bars using salsa?

Background information
In 1996 one Juan Lopez escaped a mexican jail by coroding the bars on his windows using the salsa provided with dinner. Apparently it took 6 years to eat through the metal bars.


Build a mexican prison using concrete bricks and mortar.

Make the bars for the windows using five different types of iron bars (cold pressed, hot pressed, rolled.. whatever)

Buy various types of salsa

Determine what elements in the salsa could be corrosive, acidity, water and salinity.

A number of control situations were set up, acids and saline solutions.

Salsa verde, extra picante salsa and canned varieties are put around the bars.

Adam decides to try something different, he figures that Juan may have used electricty to corode the bars. He explains that any saline solution (the salsa) will act as a conduit for electricity. The electricity will increase the corrosive properties of the salsa. Using the wires from a light he heats the salsa surrounding the bars. The salsa heats up, steams and sizzles, the whole "jail" smells like spicy salsa.

Jaimi has been watching the electricity tests and has an idea, using the DC transformer from inside a small radio he heats up the salsa on another bar. He explains that adam is using and AC current which will work both ways - it will corode the metal but also put it back on however DC currents should strip the metal because of the negative ions. He concludes that the other guy (adam) is simply cooking salsa


1 month later the salsa is still cooking, Adam with his light fixture AC currents and Jaimi with his DC radio currents, Jaimi has coroded half way through the bar, Adams bar has actually INCREASED in girth.

After four months Adam has given up, Jaimi's salsa has all but chewed through the metal bar, only a whisker of iron is left.

The salsa has corroded more iron than the acid and saline controls.

The myth is deemed plausible.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Hasselhoff, das unifier

Du, the song that says it all about the man who unified Germany.

Hasselhoff, you're the man

Happy Birthday, David!

Keep your good stuff coming, we'll always love you over here!

Yours forever,

Happy Birthday to ...

The man who single handedly brought the Berlin Wall crashing down and Germany's favorite son, David Hasselhoff.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Hello, I'm Wing Loo, the adorable little Chinese lad

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Sour Cory Feldman Interview

This is not a real interview with Cory Feldman, it is a dramatization.
this is an audio post - click to play

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The Return of the Two Coreys

It's Corey Feldman's birthday, let's go get stoned!!!

Saturday Homework Assignment

Saturday used to be like any other day, but since I've been Rebel Leadying, it is my day of rest between the week's labors and Sunday's coursework/paper writing.

Since Sandralein has been working, the weekend has become the only time (besides Nixon Tuesday) when our schedules allow us to speak directly (as opposed to answering machine messages and email), so Saturday is more important than ever for kicking off the Instant Message/Webcam weekend.

Saturday is also a good day to do laundry. I wash my week's work clothes on Saturday morning. They are in the dryer right now as I write this comment.

Soul Train is on Saturday at 1:00pm and the McLaughlin Group is on PBS at 6:30pm on Saturday.

Saturday is when I traditionally buy a pizza from "What-A-Lot-A-Pizza". I eat half immediately and then munch on the other half periodically throughout the evening.

Saturday - Fuck Yeah!


Friday, July 15, 2005

Billy the Kid Soundtrack

Dust Bowl

Excerpts from Woody Guthrie's Dust Bowl Ballads album:
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What does Saturday mean to you?

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Extra, Extra, Extra

Mother Boz goes to the Emergency Room.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I Stumbled Across This While Looking For Something Else Too


While looking for something I found something else

World War Two recruiting poster.
Gay or not gay?
(Not that there's anything wrong with it.)
Click on pic for full sized view.

Monday, July 11, 2005

In tribute to myself

Ken Cole

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Springsteen Monday

Glory Days:
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Hot Blooded by Foreigner

this is an audio post - click to play

(plus one amusing work anecdote)

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Sunday, July 10, 2005

If part III

If you could have your choice of a different main course every day of the week what would you choose?
Sunday - Roast Beef
Monday - Pancakes
Tuesday - Wing Dings
Wednesday - Pizza w/Pepperoni and bacon
Thursday - Spaghetti
Friday - Fried Eggs
Saturday - Meat Loaf

Saturday, July 09, 2005

If part II

What if you could be a different musical vocalist on each of the 7 days of the week?
How would you handle that situation?

Here's mine:

Monday - Bruce Springsteen (then everywhere I went, I be like, "Hey! It's Bruce Springsteen Monday!!")
Tuesday -Screamin' Jay Hawkins
Wednesday -Chad Fry from Pwince
Thursday - Little Richard
Friday -Sammy Hagar
Saturday -50 Cent
Sunday - Meat Loaf

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Soup, anyone?


If you could be any five rock or pop singers for a couple of days which ones would you pick? Ok, not at the same time, you know, a couple days here, and then wait a couple days and then be the next one, and so on.
I would pick:
1. Neil Young
2. Lou Reed
3. Lucinda Williams
4. Kyu Sakamoto
5. Nick Lowe

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Laugh At Me

By Mr. Sonny Bono

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Johnny Thunder

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(& Walk Like A Man, Talk Like A Man)

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

It was a dark and stormy night

suddenly a shot rang out ...

Monday, July 04, 2005

Candle In the Goat Pen

bop til you drop

bop til you drop
Originally uploaded by AEP.
The Ramones should be canonized.

newborn baby goats

newborn baby goats
Originally uploaded by AEP.

Little Tommy Ramone II

Little Tommy Ramone II
Originally uploaded by AEP.
The baby goat survived the night!
But I think Jonnie may be right about his being a bit retarded. He walks around like his legs are rickety stilts and his tongue is always half out of his mouth. But he lived, and I am trying to persuade the nanny to acknowledge him. His bleats are getting stronger, though, and I think that helps. She still favors the noisy little doe, who I secretly call Fran (after the nanny--partly because she has an obnoxious voice) but she'll sniff WWTRII and even deign to lick him. I hope he lives. Even though that just means we'll shoot him in September. Thomas Hardy is right, life is a cruel derision of our softer human impulses.

Saturday, July 02, 2005


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Happy birthday, AmyJo!

I wanted to sent a gift, but couldn't find something appropriate (so far).
I wanted to write a poem, but had to realize I seriously suck in doing that and ended up having a poem written by some sort of virtual random rhyme generator.

So here it is, your birthday poem:

It's AmyJo's birthday today
I feel how it burns under my skin
Turn your back on me baby, yeah, just walk away
I have to check my brain for a muffin

It's AmyJo's birthday today

a fact no mortal could abide
and "hello" was all I could say
Why can’t we change the tide???

It's AmyJo's birthday today
Or should I just call her Barry?
I feel that I shall melt away
I'm reading double and my speech is slurry

Oh well.... . Again, happy birthday AmyJo, have a good one!!!!

If you only listen to one song ...

This is the song you should listen too.
He's Got the Real World Blogger Style
Now in mp3 format

Oh this day in history ...

I think Conway Twitty said it best when he said ...
Happy Birthday Darlin'

Friday, July 01, 2005

Who Lives Where?

I did a Google Image Search for the towns or cities where each of us live.
Who lives where?