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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Pumpkin Man
Pumpkin Man
photo by: halloween

Coming soon to a compost pile near you.

Belle the Elusive

I have been in contact with belle.
I was pretty close when I posted earlier that:

she's been abducted by aliens and is being anally probed

Just change the been abducted by aliens to had a date with Jimmy Smits and is being anally probed to is being anally probed
and my post would have been dead on.

Compliments of DeViL, Mannaz, and The Little

happy halloween!!
happy halloween!!
photo by: dvl

Compliments of me.

Leave the lights on tonight
Leave the lights on tonight
photo by: boz48730

and don't forget to check under the bed.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

I hope everyone has a Happy politically correct Halloween !!!

Friday, October 29, 2004

Halloween Party???

Is anyone interested in having a halloween party Sunday night in the Hot Tub, say around Midnight eastern time, which would be about Nine pacific time, and god only knows what time in Australia and Germany?


The bakery next door sells scary bread for Halloween. Yes, they call it scary bread.

And it looks like that:


On tomorrow's shopping list:
- evil cereal
- hell raising grapefruit
- blood sucking fish fingers
- eerie dumplings

Halloween in Germany's going to be a blast!

Tear down the wall Mr. Hasselfhoff

This would never happen in Germany.

Amy Will be in Late Today: A morning's exchange

-----Original Message-----From: Logan Sent: Friday, October 29, 2004 8:11 AMTo: SF ADMINSubject: Amy will be in late today

-----Original Message-----From: Tom Sent: Friday, October 29, 2004 8:36 AMTo: Logan : RE: Amy will be in late today

and this is news??

-----Original Message-----From: Logan Sent: Friday, October 29, 2004 8:37 AMTo: Tom : RE: Amy will be in late today

I’m telling her you said that.

-----Original Message-----From: Amy Sent: Friday, October 29, 2004 9:08 AMTo: Tom : RE: Amy will be in late today

My stupid fucking housemate took the car. I went downstairs to check to make sure it was there, I go back up to get my bag, I go down, the goddamned car is gone and I'm SOL.

-----Original Message-----From: Amy Sent: Friday, October 29, 2004 9:15 AMTo: Tom : RE: Amy will be in late today

Oh my god I feel like I am going to explode. I am so tired of waking up and screaming. I swear to god, that's the first thing I do when I open my eyes, realize I have to schlep over here, and the attic's colder than a witch's tit, the cat's howling, the futon mattress is lumpy and life is unbearable. I scream.Like I screamed when my punk-ass roommate took the car this morning. FUCK~!

-----Original Message-----From: Tom Sent: Friday, October 29, 2004 9:17 AMTo: Amy : RE: Amy will be in late today
Yeah you need to move. Yould be a lot happier even if you had a shitty studio. I dont like the bus either. It is better with an ipod and a book though. I want to hit someone every morning though. It seems like a smelly person or a cougher makes a B line for me. AND THEN THEY NEVER GET OFF THE BUS!!! I will watch other people get up and leave, but not the smelly scum bag. This lady had to give up her other seat to run and sit near me. She smelled like a dirty ashtray. This really gives me allergies. I think i growled at her!

-----Original Message-----From: Amy Sent: Friday, October 29, 2004 9:19 AMTo: Tom : RE: Amy will be in late today

There was this BIYATCH on the bus this morning PAINTING HER NAILS! Do you have any idea how nasty the smell of isotone is at 830 am on a closed bus?She then TRANSFERRED with me and I smelled it AGAIN!I nearly puked, and I think I actually did cry. Harsh chemicals, you know.

-----Original Message-----From: Tom Sent: Friday, October 29, 2004 8:47 AMTo: Amy Subject: RE: Amy will be in late today

Yeah you should have bumbed into her and ruined her little impromptu pedicure! They need a smellometer on the bus. When you exceed a threshold, you are jettisoned out of the bus!

Dog of the year

Ill woman's dog calls 911 and barks until they send an ambulance.

Happy Retro Halloween

I hope this is geometric enough for Amyjo.

Happy Halloween!

Image Hosted by The Image Hosting

Thursday, October 28, 2004

News alert

Stress causes forgetfulness.
What was I talking about?

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Hells Bells!!!

Ok, Nancy is back, Mad is sick, but where the hell is Belle???
She mentioned something about me taping the Growing Pains marathon that aired last weekend because she wasn't going to be around, and that's the last I've heard from her.
Personally, I think she's been abducted by aliens and is being anally probed as I type, but that's just me. What do you think has happened to Belle?

Trick or Treat!!!

Halloween 1960 or maybe 1961
Halloween 1960 or maybe 1961
photo by: boz48730

I think I was supposed to be a bum with a straw hat fetish.

Actually I was a very eclectic trick or treater borrowing from many different costume genres.

in case anyone wants to sing along

Lunar Eclipse Tonight!

We should all watch the lunar eclipse tonight and compare notes.
Blood red moon, world series game four, coincidence or divine conjunction?
I intend to favor the event with an a capella version of that moving and incomprehensible song, "Total Eclipse of the Heart" when the moon moves into the earth's penumbra.

Will I ever be able to dance again?

Hey, our main man MadMathias is pretty sick.
What can we do to help him get better or at least cheer him up?

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

This is your cruise director speaking

We are now organizing group trick or treating for Sunday night. Please sign up at the Baha Bar on the Lido deck if you are interested in participating, and let us all know what you will be dressed as.

Your cruise director will be coming dressed as Janet Reno.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Is it my imagination...

Or is something different around here?

Put her panties in the freezer! I thought my naughty bits were a tad chilly

Did she take CJ with her? No. I thought he was with YOU!?!?!
Jonnie | Email | Homepage | 10.11.04 - 2:11 pm | #


i could post more than just during blue moons... that would surely freak the shit out of her. I saw a car on my trip with the license plate "dvl one." I looked in. I didn't know you were an Asian teenage boy with spikey hair! But I did dig the rice rocket.....
dvl | Email | Homepage | 10.11.04 - 3:28 pm | #


Invite her parents to join. *SCREAMING*
Amyjo | Email | 10.11.04 - 3:58 pm | #


Dvl, I said freak her out not give her a heart attack. No shit. OMG. If you started my mom posting, you would never get to the end of it.
boz | Homepage | 10.11.04 - 5:55 pm | #


have everyone but some random person quit this blog. Good idea. Jonnie first!

or have someone still post under the nam nancy And how do you know that that is not exactly what has happened? Bwa ha ha!!!!

rosa | 10.11.04 - 9:13 pm | #


We should switch her name and icon to just CJ. I am feeling very unloved...but CJ wants your number
Jonnie | Email | Homepage | 10.11.04 - 11:24 pm | #


Jonnie, what is this obsession you have with CJ? Indeed!
boz | Homepage | 10.12.04 - 12:08 am | #


I bet Jonnie misses his dog.

The only way CJ could make a post is if he peed on the RW...BS carpet.

He's pretty good with his paws...I'll see what I can do.
Amyjo | Email | 10.12.04 - 12:48 pm | #


See if I go off and leave YOU guys again! And who the hell shortsheeted my bed!?
Goooood Afternoon
Goooood Afternoon
photo by: boz48730

I'm back...

...and I missed all of you so much that I cried salt tears. What happened while I was gone?

The 'rents are moved and installed and unpacked, and I still have a modicum of sanity. More on that as time permits.

Are we going trick or treating together as a house?

Sunday, October 24, 2004

My Halloween story for Sandra

My scariest halloween was when I was 12 years old and the last time I went out trick or treating.
Wesley and I started out together but after going down Quinkert and Park we decided to split up, he wanted to go down Ruthdale and Kelly, while I wanted to go down Common Road and Eastland.
Ruthdale and Kelly were part of our subdivision and there were a lot of houses, but that also meant a lot of kids and the chance that the houses had already run out of candy.
Common Road and Eastland were streets that bordered our subdivision where there were fewer, but nicer houses increasing your chances of getting better candy. The down side was there was a lot of traffic and the streets were both dark and scary at night.
I went down Common Road first and it was good. I ran into a lot of friends and made a pretty good haul, and then I cut over to Eastland.
It was getting pretty late, I guess it must have been about eight thirty and a lot of the houses on Eastland had already turned their porchlights off, but there were still a few lights on and damned if I was going to waste my last trick or treating night.
Oh yeah, I guess I should have told you what I dressed up as.
Umm, well you see, I had a mother and two sisters and ...
Yeah, I dressed up like a girl.
Dress, hat, make-up, the whole nine yards.
I feel such shame relating this now some forty years later.
You've seen pictures of me at that age, I looked a little fey on the best of days.
It got to be a drag, no pun intended, when I had to take off my hat and show off my brushcut to prove that I was really a guy.
So, I'm walking down Eastland, and there is this house back off the street maybe a couple of hundred feet. The house was dark, but they did have a red porch light on so I went up and gave it a shot.
I yelled out "trick or treat" and the door creaked open slightly and this guy dressed like the devil stuck his head out.
It freaked me a little bit. He was wearing some kind of red leotard outfit complete with horns and tail and an evil little devil mustache, and don't forget that the house was dark!
In a real low spooky voice he said that I really didn't deserve any candy because I didn't dress up, then I said "hey, I'm a guy" and took off my hat.
He got an evil gleam in his eye and sort of looked around and said "ok, ok, ok, the candy is in the kitchen, come on inside and wait while I get if for you."
Duhhhhhhh, I may have fallen off the pumpkin truck but I hadn't fallen off it the night before.
I made some excuse like I had to get home and get my sister's clothes back to her or something.
He sounded disappointed and tried to coax me in ...
I said I really had to get going.
He told me it would only take a minute and then he opened the door and grabbed my arm.
Man, was I scared, I didn't know whether to faint or kick him in the balls.
I broke loose started running away and with a voice choked with false bravado I called him a dumb stupid queer.
I didn't stop running till I was just a couple houses from home.
But I didn't tell my parents, I didn't tell anybody.
In fact this is the first time that I have told anybody about ...
dun dun dun
My Brush With Halloween Hell!!!

Are you prepared?

Boz' latest post reminded me that Halloween (or was it Easter?!) is coming up soon over there. I'd love to hear about that! Are you or your neighbours decorating your house? Are you planning to diguise and if so, what costume? Stocked up on candy?

Oh yeah, it's picture weekend... so here we go:

Cute Halloween pic or canine branch of the KKK, I'm not sure.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Get On Board!

Highlights from today's Soul Train -

Happy Easter, I mean Halloween, I mean Easter, I mean Halloween

Happy Week Before Halloween
Happy Week Before Easter
photo by: boz48730

Vote for me because my opponent is a Doody Head!!!

Wearing a suit and making a point
Wearing a suit and making a point
photo by: boz48730


Image Hosted by

Rosa has been on that no carb diet thing

It's really done wonders for her too.

Image Hosted by

Im sitting here in just a bra....


Because i was so inspired by Boz's sexellent tshirt that i just HAD to show him mine. Soooooooooo... i took it off and put it on the scanner.. makes sense right?

Image Hosted by

yeah thats what i thought.

This is officially the RWBS pix weekend!


Rosa and I have decided to make this weekend

a picture posting weekend. So there!

Image Hosted by

It works for me

Talk to the foot!!!

Image Hosted by

A little technical knowledge is a terrible thing

Me and Bettie Page, Bettie Page, Bettie Page,
Me and Bettie Page, Bettie Page, Bettie Page,
photo by: boz48730

Bettie Page ... we got a good thing going

I AM A .....

Image Hosted by

no really....

Photo taken August 2003 by Ms Posa

Friday, October 22, 2004

A picture

for you to ponder over the weekend.

Sandra... here!

No, that's not a post-war landscape in Iraq, that's dinner.
And yes, I ate it.
And no, I ate it after I took that picture.
And yes, it was delicious.

It's curried chick peas in a spicy chili-garlic sauce with lots of HOT indian spices.

And yes, it sure burns twice.

Feel free to help yourself, dear housemates, there are some leftovers in the fridge!

Horn tooting

Some fiction of mine is now online at
Check it out if you're curious. The story is called "The Death of the Fat Lady" and may make you ill. Just be forewarned.
It's part of a fiction contest, I'm not sure how it works but if there's reader response voting and you like the story, vote. If I win I get money, and if I get enough money eventually I can quit my job and a) move back to the Midwest or b) take a trip to Antarctica or c) pay off my credit card


Aesthetic pollution

Image Hosted by

Thursday, October 21, 2004

I posted this pic from my buzznet account

Last of the fall color pics - My front yard
Last of the fall color pics - My front yard
photo by: boz48730

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Boz ... Here!
Marci ... Marci ... Marci ... Here!
Dvl ... Dvl ... Dvl ... Anyone?
Belle ... Belle ... Belle ... Anyone?
Jonnie ... Here!
Sandra ... Sandra ... Sandra ... Anyone?
Madmathias ... Madmathias ... Madmathias ... Anyone?
Rosa ... Here!
Nancy ... Nancy ... Nancy ... Woof Woof Woof, Oh yes, that's right, Nancy has a note, thank you CJ!
Amyjo ... Here!

Cheap Thrills

Ok, I know the best-loved posts consist mostly of a picture and a pithy caption. This has been eating at me. I can't post pictures. It's giving me an inferiority complex. (But I'm going to post a long annoying piece of text anyway. Poo.)

I like to ride the cable car to work sometimes. You know that feeling on a rollercoaster, when you're trucking up the grade, right before you crest the drop? You get that feeling on a cable car the entire time! No payoff, just that tension. So to spice up the ride I like to stand on the running board in high heels and lean waay out (preferably with a shoulder bag full of stuff that might fall out and bounce all the way down to the water) and pretend I'm either the star of a musical, a pirate, or an action hero doing a dangerous stunt in slow motion. It also helps to have just put lotion on my hands so the bar is really slippery and it becomes a life or death situation. I love the cable cars because they predate the US obsession with safety and if I took it into my pretty little head to leap off one and go rolling down the hill into oncoming traffic, I could. It's nice to have options, don't you think? I made it work safely, but in my dismount I hit my knee on the hand bar and the pain was so intense I nearly passed out. I've heard people say that before, and I thought they were exaggerating. Now I know they are not. The world went sort of gray for a few minutes. Now I have a John Kerry shaped bruise.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

A Nancy-like post

I ran across this article in the Detroit News listing ten things that you should never buy used.
What can you add to this list?
Let me get the ball rolling.
Things you should never buy used.
1. Odor Eaters.

Playing favourites

This has to be one of my favourite images ever. It just keeps me giggling and giggling. It is obviously a far side cartoon.

Image Hosted by

confusion says.

Is teen angst ever over?

whats it called when you are in your early 20s?


Answer me dammit!

So according to highly regarded sources*
I am a bit of a crap poetry genius!
There is steaming piles of it over at my joint

* me

Sunday, October 17, 2004

What I hate about Sunday.

It's the day I usually get phone calls from relatives.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Ok, let's try a little different spin on the traditional 5-7-5 syllable haiku.
Let's do it with 5 words, 7 words, and 5 words, and let's make it have something to do with the

It's been almost nine months
And the blog is still remarkably interesting
But that could easily change

Ok, it sucks, but it should give you an idea.

Mnemonic Playlist

So I was smoking last night to celebrate the fact that I could damage my short term memory again now that the GREs are over. My companion and I were hanging our heads out my attic window, looking at the streetlight glare that substitutes for moonlight out here in the Mission, and talking in that desultory way you do when you're trying to hold the smoke in your lungsacs just before the buzz comes on all philosophical. Anyway, he had a blinding insight into why I hate Bob Dylan. Which led me to hold forth on the nature of songs and memory. This is not an original topic--most people know that certain songs are like freaky time machines that literally transport you back to an old self, an old body, an old set of feelings with almost total recall for as long as the song lasts. Anyway, it struck me (remember, I was stoned) that it might be interesting to compile people's mnemonic playlists--you know, the stories that go with the songs--what age the song stuck like a burr into your psyche, what you were doing, how it felt and why. I bet if I named a song that everyone has heard there'd be a ton of different memories that got mined.

because no matter how generic a song is, your memories aren't

Which could be a tagline for one of those infomercials that flogs hits of the 70s to nostalgia junkies.
Any suggestions for a common but evocative song anyone wants to throw out there for the anthology?

Monday, October 11, 2004

It's a bird, it's a plane ...

It's time for another edition of
Caption This Pic

So go ahead, caption it.

Nancy will be gone for a couple of weeks

She is moving her parents out to California.
What changes can we make to the house that will freak her out when she gets back?


by Miss Posa

One bright and sunny summers day
a man i knew did dare to say
that i was his and his alone
and that he wanted to take me home

I smiled and clapped and yelled with glee
for he was the man who was dear to me
and he did bring a ring of gold
and a promise of love even when we are old.


One bright and sunny summers day
a man i knew did dare to say
that he was h***y and had the bone
and that he wanted to take me home

I couldnt believe he had said that to me
for he was my boss and married to be
my eyes watered and my body felt meak
when i realised it was the best offer id gotten all week!

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Sharing is caring

its quiet around here

i just did something i havnt done for ages.

I did some back reading of the blog and found a few things that made me giggle.

i'd like to share some of my history with you


"Speaking of the troll, I now have another bruise, its on my arm cos the troll bludgeoned me with his troll fist, sending me hurtling through space. Hes at troll university, learning how to guard bridges or something like that, until late tonight which will give me time to raid his troll cave, rumage through his troll belongings and generally touch his troll stuff. That'll learn 'im for messin wif me!"

the troll is my brother for those of you who dont know.

"Hunka hunka burning love

Sydney, Australia, a beautiful young woman wakes up after suffering from strange dreams. She finds that somehow during her troubled sleep she has managed to wrangle out of her pyjamas, she finds her self naked save a bed sheet, hot, sweaty, in a haze caused by the confusion of the dreams (which had involved a 5 second segment of a dream on loop). She sits up in bed feeling strange, something is not right, she feels too hot, too uncomfortable and her head aches like it has never ached before. She ignores the strange feelings and tries to get comfortable, but it just doesn’t happen. Finally for some reason she moves her hand up to her mouth and feels it, the cause of all the discomfort….

Don’t look at me! I’m hideous!

I have a a hot pulsing mass of swollen flesh on my top lip, yes a cold sore.. Herpes if you will. The pustule which burns and tingles has been there since I woke up around midnight (and I didn’t get back to sleep til after 6 Its horrible, this is only the second or third cold sore I’ve ever gotten in my life, I hope that it’s the last. I’ve put an iodine-like looking solution on the sore, it caused much “ouchy ouchy” dancing as the alcohol burned the thin membrane containing the infectious white blood cells. The solution has now dried on the sore, staining it with the colour making it look even more hideous than ever. The general area is all swollen giving me the appearance of an upturned snarl similar to the one sported by “the king” nice... just in time for halloween! I’ll just go hide in a dark room for a few days… Bastards!

Thankyou, thankyou very much!"

both posts are from one year ago..

its funny... my posts were quite different. i seemed a lot happier then, it was afterall during the VERY beginning of my first relationship.. i went through so much... so many wonderful highs and so many very very low lows. I mean my father failed to acknowledge me for three months after i told him. arrrh memories. I would love to return to that blissful feeling without the man. I dont wanna be one of those women who needs a man to make her feel good about herself. THats how it feels at the moment. so while neither of the posts were about him.. i was on a high because of him. I thought i was unlovable, and...

well this is all a bit heavy for here....

you are welcome to read it all.. its all there in the archives... and that seems settling somehow, knowing that those actions that i took which seemes so unlike me, did actually happen.

I may or may not delete this very very inconsistant post.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Is that a pickle in your pocket....

The most interesting thing about this article about blogs and politics is the fact that Dubya has a bulge between his shoulder blades. Dude, he might be REALLY popular in a menage a trois.....hmmmmmm

No, I lie. It's really an interesting article.

But about that bulge......

Marci has a secret admirer.

Here is a comment to Marci's latest post concerning Women Smoking Fetish on her blog Subliminal Silence.

We know you are a dumb and slow-witted boorish moron, but do you honestly think that it's of girls sitting around smoking like normal people? We know you are going to say that you knew the difference, but come on. Investigate if you don't know what you are talking about. Also, pull out your little dictionary and look up the work proofread. It works wonders.
D | 10.08.04 - 9:42 am | #

Boz note: Actually, I have done my research and it is indeed mostly pics of women sitting around smoking like normal people.

'Rent land

Well, my little chickadees, I am off for a couple of weeks to relocate my 'rents to Cali. I hope you won't forget me while I am gone. I hope you will keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I drive cross country with CrankyMom and Dad in a biohazard Escort as they smoke like chimneys.

Perhaps for a community service project, you all might help me out. What I need are comebacks for my CrankyMom for her inevitable comments such as "It's too hot/cold/expensive/noisy/quiet/snotty/clean/whatever here. Why did you make me move?" Anyone?

spit on me for luck

I had a seagull shit on me once. It was a faucet-blast of white, sticky, fish-smelling goo. Those are big birds, and when they take a dump, they don't fuck around. It's really hard to get seagull shit out of hair and clothing, and you walk around smelling like a mermaid's backdoor for days. This coming weekend promises to be a similar experience. Tomorrow I take the GREs and also have a showdown with my father who is coming to town specially to confront me about long-buried family dysfunctions. I get to meet him directly after the test and won't it be grand? I hope to divert his ire by taking him to a Dame Edna concert but I have a feeling it's not going to do it. It might even exacerbate things. I haven't been studying for the GRE properly because of my deep ambivalence and resentment toward the evil powers at ETS (money grubbing masterminds, are they Masons or what?) and about grad. school in general. And I have had a Faith No More song stuck in my head for the last two days.
So spit on me for luck, I need all the help I can get.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

AudioBlogging with Rosa Posa

Well, sort of.

this is an audio post - click to play

back from the dead....

admit it, you missed me.
i know you missed me.
you know you missed me.
you know that i know you missed me.
now i just need to sober up from the excitement.


What do you imagine is going on here?

Whatever it is, I'm pretty sure it isn't wholesome.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

virgin? well we can fix that!

My favourite news story this week is about Virgin airlines making it a lot easier for passengers to join the mile high club, installing double bed suites in their aircrafts! hilarious!

We are also having an election, which will take place this saturday, im helping out with the election playing "polling official" its not bad money but a shit of a long day! hopefully we can get the liberals out (conservatives)

Its turning out to be a really warm spring which means summer will be a scorcher! i have a feeling that by the end of summer my feet will be sporting some very distinct tan lines, as ive invested in two more pairs of these and have been unable to take them off, soon ill have them in every colour! makes a nice change from the classic $3.99 thongs (flipflops) from woolworths!

the school holidays are coming to an end.. hooray! (not!)

I cant believe that the upmarket department stores have already rocked out the christmas decorations ALREADY! it seems to get earlier and earlier every year. Christmas shopping already? bbrrrrrr!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Things to do...

...when a hurricane is coming

1. Board up windows
2. Turn off gas
3. Ditch the child porn.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Dead Whale

In addition to studying math for the GREs this weekend, I went out to Monterey to see a dead blue whale that had washed ashore. It was a young whale, about sixty feet long, so rather small, and the marine scientists had already gotten there. They'd cut a slit in the pleats around its throat (why, I don't know) and blubber was spilling out in strange yellow curds with each swell. The surf was coppery from the blood, and they had tied a rope around its tail and anchored it to the sea wall, to make sure it didn't wash away. It hardly resembled a whale--more like a collapsed balloon, or a used condom. It was distressing, but interesting. Hardly the Melvillean ecstatic communion I was hoping for, though.

Sunday, October 03, 2004


uninteresting facts about the posa.

Not really the typical breakfast food, you're willing to speak your mind, and stand out from the crowd like a sore thumb.
You're a ham sandwich! Not the typical breakfast
food, you're an individual, willing to speak
your mind, and you stand out from the crowd
like a sore thumb.

What Kind of Breakfast Are You?
brought to you by

you know in titanic... the part where rose tries to commit suicide.. that dress she is wearing.. that was my formal (prom) dress 6 years ago(well its almost my dress). i bought the dress before i saw the film. pretty dress.. is still classy, still fits (YES!)

red is my favourite food colour.. tomatos... red coolaid.. you know

i love turkish delight.. i shouldnt but i do. and aero.. the mint one.. thats some great chocolate

i ate three bananas today.. random i know

In australia we call jello jelly
and we call jelly jam

i am a firm believer that white lycra looks good on noone

i want more shoes.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Headline of the Day

Hello? Doesn't anyone check this stuff before it is posted?

Hemingway's definition of courage

is: coming to work with a hangover.

Mine is: getting naked under flourescent light (with a hangover)

What's yours?