The Real World ... Blogger Style: virgin? well we can fix that!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

virgin? well we can fix that!

My favourite news story this week is about Virgin airlines making it a lot easier for passengers to join the mile high club, installing double bed suites in their aircrafts! hilarious!

We are also having an election, which will take place this saturday, im helping out with the election playing "polling official" its not bad money but a shit of a long day! hopefully we can get the liberals out (conservatives)

Its turning out to be a really warm spring which means summer will be a scorcher! i have a feeling that by the end of summer my feet will be sporting some very distinct tan lines, as ive invested in two more pairs of these and have been unable to take them off, soon ill have them in every colour! makes a nice change from the classic $3.99 thongs (flipflops) from woolworths!

the school holidays are coming to an end.. hooray! (not!)

I cant believe that the upmarket department stores have already rocked out the christmas decorations ALREADY! it seems to get earlier and earlier every year. Christmas shopping already? bbrrrrrr!