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Sunday, December 28, 2008

if it's not pretty, deal with it.

so i suck at formatting.

and i obviously need to do one photo at a time if i haven't typed anything yet.


ok. i'm walking away now.

cool things that can be done with discarded items....

so i'm blogging today. today i'm at work. today marks the official end to what would have been a really great weekend, if i wasn't salary and therefore can be manhandled.

so sad, so true.

i like the stuff i sell. it's good stuff, good message, but alas, it's sucking my soul.

retail is a rough business.

here are some photos from me at work. i work in fair trade. i'll leave it at that ;). nice trick RLB taught me. hard lessons learned are sometimes teachable. :D

so these are purses made from tire intertubes! isn't that great?? and they're soft, and the ladies love 'em. won't buy them, but ah well!

great laptop bag. muy caro!

great use of magazines.

more useful than giving old library magazines to elderly citizens of the community, eh?


good stuff. now someone come here and buy something from my sorry ass.

i think i'll hold out until march and then get to CA for my one week paid holiday, come back, and give my 2 weeks notice. sounds like a plan!!!

hope everyone else is having a blast this sunday!!!


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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Blog-Sitter's Time Killer...

Here ya go, RLB...

A time killer I KNOW you can't get tired playing.

Smash The Hoff!!

RLB Goes To CATS And Sees...

You think this little bastard is in the cast??


Sunday, December 07, 2008

What should I pack?

I need a little help in deciding what to pack for my trip to Florida next week.
So far all I have come up with is my George Foreman Grill.
Last night belle suggested that I take the following five items:
1. Rifle bullets
2. The 15 pound Spiral Cut Ham you have marinating in lemon tea with honey in the fridge.
3. A speedo, as I am pretty sure every man in Florida wears one and I wouldn't want you to feel left out.
4. Your 2008 Ryan White Christmas Advent Calendar with real milk chocolates that plays Candle in the Wind EVERY DAY. (Yesterday was Ryan White's birthday.)
5. Your 67 mp3 players because one will probably be crushed by the morbidly obese woman sitting next to you on the plane and one will probably fall into the pool when you are wearing your speedo because THERE ARE NO POCKETS IN SPEEDOS.