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Monday, February 28, 2005


What's on for March?

For Sandra, more CJ pics

Baby Jeebus

CJ thinks that Nancy's Baby Jeebus present looks suspiciously like a dog toy.
Thanks, Andrew!!!!! The clock is here beside me in my cubicle, dangling its little legs over the edge! :-)

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Hot off the presses

Our first CD
If you are interested in trading for a copy just contact me.

Real World ... Audio Style
1. Amy by Boz
2. Belle Speaks
3. Cori by Boz
4. Dvl Speaks
5. Dylan Medley by Jonnie
6. Early Morning Rain by Boz
7. Fairy Tale of New York by Boz
8. Good King Wenceslas by AmyJo
9. Amyjo and her BF Speak
10. Hello in There by Boz
11. Helpless by Amyjo and Boz
12. Heterosexual Man by Boz
13. Hey Jude by Boz
14. Ingrid Bergman by Boz
15. Candle in the Wind by AmyJo
16. Jonnie Speaks
17. Just Like Tumb Thumb's Blues by Boz
18. Love Man by Boz
19. My Heart Belongs to Bozzie by AmyJo
20. Old Man by Boz
21. Boz Opens His XIJIF Package
22. Rosa Speaks
23. Santa Baby by Dvl
24. Sandra Speaks
25. Wooden Heart by Jonnie
26. Xmas Medley by Jonnie

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Hello Kitty Dildos? Thanks for the Tip Marci!!!!!

Thanks to DVL and Marci for making my first Christmas in June in Feb. a ton of fun! Look at these cool prezzies! I now am the proud owner of my very own fuzzy, pink, bunny tiara! I will be sure to wear it while using my new crazy straws and admiring my two new Hello Kitty PEZ!!! Aren't they darling!!!

Is it just me, or ...

Do I look a little too much like Joan Crawford from Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?

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There. Finally an audiopost from me.

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Better late than sorry

OK, I'm a little late with my XIJIF post, but here we go: the loot, the loot!

By a lucky co-incidence my secret Santa was Jonnie and of course he did great, see:

Plates. Beautiful, beautiful plates.

Nixon photo, sticker and authentic paperclip

Burger/ Xmas poster

A pen. When you move it, Nixon's bowling in front of the White House.

"America the beautiful" coloring book.

99 cent store beach ball!

And a LOT more: a CD where he collected all pictures and videos we shot last summer, a sweet letter, stickers, my favorite beef jerky, favorite candy and my beloved Flamin'hot Cheetos.

Oh, and instead of bubble wrap or something, he used red rose petals and Tootsie Rolls as cushion.


Thank you, Liebling!

I can't wait for XIJ 2005!

EDIT... Audio blog finally decided to post the audio posts from twelve hours ago - boz


Sorry - I deleted all my audioposts because I thought it was irritating that there were 3 posts and I only called twice and since I can't check which is the correct one (audiosystem still broke)I panicked a little and deleted all.

I'll do another audiopost now and I hope it'll post immediately.
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Friday, February 25, 2005

Mmmmm... finger lickin' Christmas Chicken.......

My loot in pictures ...

Three pics of AmyJo

Rosa says, via email to Boz

my internet is being a shit and i have to go out soon to visit a frail
old great aunt (yaaaaaaaaay) but i wanted to log on and say happy you
know what to everyone.. and the page wont load... waaaaaaaaaaaaa!


Ok, so maybe I received my XIJIF gift two weeks ago and maybe I accidentally sorta, kinda opened it up, but only because I thought Martin Sheen himself was mailing me his sheets and/or underwear (hey, it could happen).
It's been so hard keeping my excitement to myself because my secret santa knew all too well what I would like and got me the best XIJIF gift ever!

Many, many thanks, Nancy!

Fairy Tale of New York - My half of the duet

Screw audio post, I'll do it myself, and let Jonnie figure it out.

Fairy Tale of New York

Xmas Haul

Arrived earlier this week, but I waited to open.

"MY PEN! MY PEN!!!!"

A new girlfriend subsitute (but what will I do with my old one?)

Signs, sings. Everywhere there's signs.

Safety First

Inside the double bag melt protection

And now it's time to write

Thank you to my favorite Aussie.

DVL..... Geee You're Swell!!!!

Look and see what my Secret Santa sent me!!
It's an unauthorized biography about the life
of my favorite actor.... Sir Johnny Depp!!

The cover says... "Kahlil Gilbran's timeless masterpiece,
first published in 1923, is a heartfelt expression of man's
deepest spiritual desires. Illustrated with the poet's own
evocative drawerings, (he he) its potent message of self-
understanding and spiritual growth has proved itself to be
universally inspiring."

Thank you sweet honey DVL! I loooove to read and am sure
I will enjoy it!


Merry Christmas Everyone!!

XIJIF has left me a bit verklepmt...

so i put together an alt photo essay of the event:

the loot!! sample page: Carol was from conservative New England stock, which maybe explained her reluctance to attend a swingers' key party with her husband Bob. But as the couples sat around getting better acquainted, Carol became less concerned with Bob and more intrigued by the possibility that she and Alice's scrumptious Diego might get to take a ride together. Vroom indeed!
of course i just had to try on the tshirt immediately... luckily i have a door on my office... funny how i didn't think to use it though. just look at the joy XIJIF has brought to the faces of the little children!
*MWAH* big smooches for my secret santa, Belle!! thank you, thank you, thank you!! xo

(note: the blog text is ALT text on the photos, and is best viewed with IE)


I have no way to take pictures and I would do an audio post but all you would here was the phlem in my throat and me coughing every 2 seconds.... So I just have to write.....

I GOT SHARPIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tons of them... I am almost the richest girl in Atlanta now. I could never afford one and now I have 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boz is a great santa.... I also got personal lube... (no girl is complete without lube on hand at all times), A 16' tape measure which I imagine to be used along side the lube? a slinky and mistletoe and three stooges ornaments, and A TIARA!!!!! and A WHOOPIE CUSHION!!!!! the last one is dangerous since I am so sick I can't breath and I can't stop playing with the whoopie cushion and since I still find farts the funniest noise on the earth, the laughter might kill me.


Santalein Klaus

My XIJIF Santa was my beloved Sandralein and she sent a box packed with goodies -

A more thorough discussion is posted on Nacho Steppinstone since I don't want to make too much clutter on what will probably be a heavy posting day at RW...BS!.

The most surprising item, however, were the German peach gummies. They're totally different than American gummies, in terms of flavor. Made by a Hamburg gummie specialist, these gummies contain no artificial flavors or preservatives and little fragments of real peach in each one.
Truely a marvel of German engineering -

The flavor surpasses anything I've ever experienced in the gummie realm.
Little Gummie / Big Flavor.
The flavor is like eating real peaches. These gummies surpass any gummie I've ever sampled.

I also love the cassette of German music, especially "Werewolf" (the German "Vervolf" pronunciation gives it extra flair).

Sandra interprets the lyrics as follows:
Ich bin ein junger Werwolf - halb Mensch halb Tier
Ich bin ein junger Werwolf - ich will was von dir

I'm a little werewolf - half man half beast
I'm a little werewolf - I want something from you

Keiner versteht das - Toeten macht Spass

Nobody understands - killing is fun

Ich bin ein junger Werwolf - ich brauch dein Blut
Ich bin ein junger Werwolf - ich will dir was tun

I'm a little werewolf - I need your blood
I'm a little werewolf - I'm going to get you

And - Gotter Speise Waldmeister Geschmack, Thunfisch-Spezialitaet fur Pasta, Bill Bryson's travel narratives (Bryson grew up in the American midwest, lived his adulthood in Europe, then returned to small-town America and recorded much of the differences between the two cultures in a very conversational writing style), a wonderful letter and photo of Sandralein herself, Hackfleisch Kase Suppe, Gaucho meatsnacks, and lots of high caffeine German candy for the late study nights. And much much more!!

Danke Liebchen!
Ich Liebe Dich Uber Alles!!

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I brought the cookies!

Yummy Holiday Treat! Dig In!

Christmas Jello Ring!

Hey! Save me some!!

Good King Wenceslas

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Merry XIJIF (I just woke up)

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Me audioposting me opening my XIJIF present, in two parts

Part One

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Part Two

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Happy XIJIF Everyone!!!!

Well, at least in the eastern time zone.

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Thursday, February 24, 2005

You'll never know just how cool dvl really is

I mean she'd probably be perfect except for that thing about biting heads off of birds.

jingle bells


Its Xmas its xmas.. and santa came oh yes he did!!!
I recieved my package from a certain devilish character yesterday and had to use ALL my restraint to not open it.. i basically carried it around all evening clutching it to my chest (lucky package) and then this morning i dashed downstairs and opened it ALLLLLLLLLLL. i got lots of stuff, some stuff for my room... some little bitty objects that will be finding a home on my desk and lets just say that im wearing a very special uber sparkly bracelet to work today!!


Now i just need to find my camera! has anyone seen it? i seached the whole house!!


I'm ready

I have only one wish for XIJIF

And that is that everyone receives their present by Friday the 25th.
Seriously, that's it.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Boz got my package today and only what... two weeks after i sent it! it arrived with a big DELAYED sticker on it... yeah thanks for that. I hope my baby bejesus got their pressie too.

By the way .. i look soooo freaking hot today... no seriously!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Happy Three Days Before XIJIF Everyone

I am almost positive that all the packages are speeding on their way, or have already arrived, as I type.
I know that AmyJo, and Belle, and I have already received our presents.
Has anyone else received their present. Please wait till today's mail has passed before you respond.
Because I'm making a list and checking it twice, gonna find out who's naughty and nice ...

Monday, February 21, 2005

Don't Cry for Me Boz--a movie with a message

Gonzo is dead

Hunter S. Thompson
July 18, 1937 - February 20, 2005

Sunday, February 20, 2005

It's time for another installment of ...

The Real World ... StripCreator Style.
AmyJo Meets Boz

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Video Me

On a Saturday afternoon.

Click da pic.

Friday, February 18, 2005


Amyjo's "Our-chives" zonkboard comment has been immortalized in film.

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Nancy Kerrigan!!! Love me love my dog!!! Etc!!!

Well, I thought about anti-Kerrigan statements of yesterday, and I stand by them. When did it become a law of primate society that we must like what other people like, or else risk mortally offending them or at least making them cry (real or fake) in virtual hot tubs? When did lively debate and good natured derision become taboo among contemporaries? Is it universally writ that if I like something, and you like me, you have to like it to? Because if that is the case, you guys HAVE to like the following, or risk my displeasure and my tears:

We must agree that:

Anchovies on pizza are TASTY AS HELL
Moby Dick is the BEST BOOK EVER
Last Tango in Paris: A Celebration of Life and NOT ABOUT THE BUTTER
John Belushi: SEXY

I know this is controversial, but if you say anything against any of these strongly held beliefs of mine, I will cry. Vociferously.

On a related note, I would like to state for the record that I think belle is fab, bright, and a stylish writer and I would never say or do anything to deliberately wound her or any affiliates thereof, including Nancy Kerrigan, who IS a public figure and so should be willing to take a little ribbing, and who does have a "ski slope" "snub" "turned up" or even "porcine" schnozzola.

Thank you.

Ps: I would like to say, to my own credit, that I have never, ever, even by the smallest hint, cast any aspersions on that holy of holies, Martin Sheen.

All wrapped up

And ready to go.

The box with 15 presents.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Answer Me These Questions Three:

(a.k.a. Thursday 3)

1. What or where is the strangest place you have ever fallen asleep (passing out does not count)?

2. If you owned a company with the name Tsunami in it (e.g. Tsunami Soy Sauce) would you feel compelled to change the name of your business after the tragedy that occurred in December 2004 that claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people?

3. Hangman or Tic-Tac-Toe?

[this installment of Thursday Three has been brought to you by the letter D]

New cologne

I think we can make a mint from tapping into this technology. The only question is whether to name it Eau de Boz, Eau de Jonnie, Eau de Matt, or Eau de Drew. I'm kinda leaning toward Eau de Drew. Say it three times fast....nice sound to it, no?

Gym Courtesy

Okay, here's a question I'll pose to the house:

Last night I was at the gym, climbing the everlasting Stairmaster. Now I don't know about other places, but at 24-hour Fitness, the Stairmasters are by far the tallest equipment in the place. Now I was about 5,000 steps into the journey when I glanced down at the woman doing the elliptical machine next to me. She was reading some trashy magazine, so I glanced at the pictures. Now I'm at least three feet higher up than she is. She glances up, sees me eyeing her reading material, and gives me a look.

How far away do you have to be before you're not reading over someone's shoulder? Is this acceptable gym behavior? Why don't I just bring my own magazine? Would reading "Write Now," the official magazine for individuals interest in writing comic books, get the crap kicked out of me?

All answers should be submitted in essay form

The zonkboard is sucking big time today.

If you have anything that needs to be said just leave a comment here,
or you could also leave it in the Real World ... Blogger Style Hot Tub.

The Intervention.... Real World Blogger Style

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Thanks for the pict Belle! You're a sweetie!