The Real World ... Blogger Style: Hot off the presses

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Hot off the presses

Our first CD
If you are interested in trading for a copy just contact me.

Real World ... Audio Style
1. Amy by Boz
2. Belle Speaks
3. Cori by Boz
4. Dvl Speaks
5. Dylan Medley by Jonnie
6. Early Morning Rain by Boz
7. Fairy Tale of New York by Boz
8. Good King Wenceslas by AmyJo
9. Amyjo and her BF Speak
10. Hello in There by Boz
11. Helpless by Amyjo and Boz
12. Heterosexual Man by Boz
13. Hey Jude by Boz
14. Ingrid Bergman by Boz
15. Candle in the Wind by AmyJo
16. Jonnie Speaks
17. Just Like Tumb Thumb's Blues by Boz
18. Love Man by Boz
19. My Heart Belongs to Bozzie by AmyJo
20. Old Man by Boz
21. Boz Opens His XIJIF Package
22. Rosa Speaks
23. Santa Baby by Dvl
24. Sandra Speaks
25. Wooden Heart by Jonnie
26. Xmas Medley by Jonnie