The Real World ... Blogger Style: Better late than sorry

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Better late than sorry

OK, I'm a little late with my XIJIF post, but here we go: the loot, the loot!

By a lucky co-incidence my secret Santa was Jonnie and of course he did great, see:

Plates. Beautiful, beautiful plates.

Nixon photo, sticker and authentic paperclip

Burger/ Xmas poster

A pen. When you move it, Nixon's bowling in front of the White House.

"America the beautiful" coloring book.

99 cent store beach ball!

And a LOT more: a CD where he collected all pictures and videos we shot last summer, a sweet letter, stickers, my favorite beef jerky, favorite candy and my beloved Flamin'hot Cheetos.

Oh, and instead of bubble wrap or something, he used red rose petals and Tootsie Rolls as cushion.


Thank you, Liebling!

I can't wait for XIJ 2005!