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Friday, February 25, 2005

Santalein Klaus

My XIJIF Santa was my beloved Sandralein and she sent a box packed with goodies -

A more thorough discussion is posted on Nacho Steppinstone since I don't want to make too much clutter on what will probably be a heavy posting day at RW...BS!.

The most surprising item, however, were the German peach gummies. They're totally different than American gummies, in terms of flavor. Made by a Hamburg gummie specialist, these gummies contain no artificial flavors or preservatives and little fragments of real peach in each one.
Truely a marvel of German engineering -

The flavor surpasses anything I've ever experienced in the gummie realm.
Little Gummie / Big Flavor.
The flavor is like eating real peaches. These gummies surpass any gummie I've ever sampled.

I also love the cassette of German music, especially "Werewolf" (the German "Vervolf" pronunciation gives it extra flair).

Sandra interprets the lyrics as follows:
Ich bin ein junger Werwolf - halb Mensch halb Tier
Ich bin ein junger Werwolf - ich will was von dir

I'm a little werewolf - half man half beast
I'm a little werewolf - I want something from you

Keiner versteht das - Toeten macht Spass

Nobody understands - killing is fun

Ich bin ein junger Werwolf - ich brauch dein Blut
Ich bin ein junger Werwolf - ich will dir was tun

I'm a little werewolf - I need your blood
I'm a little werewolf - I'm going to get you

And - Gotter Speise Waldmeister Geschmack, Thunfisch-Spezialitaet fur Pasta, Bill Bryson's travel narratives (Bryson grew up in the American midwest, lived his adulthood in Europe, then returned to small-town America and recorded much of the differences between the two cultures in a very conversational writing style), a wonderful letter and photo of Sandralein herself, Hackfleisch Kase Suppe, Gaucho meatsnacks, and lots of high caffeine German candy for the late study nights. And much much more!!

Danke Liebchen!
Ich Liebe Dich Uber Alles!!

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