The Real World ... Blogger Style: MERRY XIJIF

Friday, February 25, 2005


I have no way to take pictures and I would do an audio post but all you would here was the phlem in my throat and me coughing every 2 seconds.... So I just have to write.....

I GOT SHARPIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tons of them... I am almost the richest girl in Atlanta now. I could never afford one and now I have 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boz is a great santa.... I also got personal lube... (no girl is complete without lube on hand at all times), A 16' tape measure which I imagine to be used along side the lube? a slinky and mistletoe and three stooges ornaments, and A TIARA!!!!! and A WHOOPIE CUSHION!!!!! the last one is dangerous since I am so sick I can't breath and I can't stop playing with the whoopie cushion and since I still find farts the funniest noise on the earth, the laughter might kill me.