The Real World ... Blogger Style: XIJIF has left me a bit verklepmt...

Friday, February 25, 2005

XIJIF has left me a bit verklepmt...

so i put together an alt photo essay of the event:

the loot!! sample page: Carol was from conservative New England stock, which maybe explained her reluctance to attend a swingers' key party with her husband Bob. But as the couples sat around getting better acquainted, Carol became less concerned with Bob and more intrigued by the possibility that she and Alice's scrumptious Diego might get to take a ride together. Vroom indeed!
of course i just had to try on the tshirt immediately... luckily i have a door on my office... funny how i didn't think to use it though. just look at the joy XIJIF has brought to the faces of the little children!
*MWAH* big smooches for my secret santa, Belle!! thank you, thank you, thank you!! xo

(note: the blog text is ALT text on the photos, and is best viewed with IE)