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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Sharing is caring

its quiet around here

i just did something i havnt done for ages.

I did some back reading of the blog and found a few things that made me giggle.

i'd like to share some of my history with you


"Speaking of the troll, I now have another bruise, its on my arm cos the troll bludgeoned me with his troll fist, sending me hurtling through space. Hes at troll university, learning how to guard bridges or something like that, until late tonight which will give me time to raid his troll cave, rumage through his troll belongings and generally touch his troll stuff. That'll learn 'im for messin wif me!"

the troll is my brother for those of you who dont know.

"Hunka hunka burning love

Sydney, Australia, a beautiful young woman wakes up after suffering from strange dreams. She finds that somehow during her troubled sleep she has managed to wrangle out of her pyjamas, she finds her self naked save a bed sheet, hot, sweaty, in a haze caused by the confusion of the dreams (which had involved a 5 second segment of a dream on loop). She sits up in bed feeling strange, something is not right, she feels too hot, too uncomfortable and her head aches like it has never ached before. She ignores the strange feelings and tries to get comfortable, but it just doesn’t happen. Finally for some reason she moves her hand up to her mouth and feels it, the cause of all the discomfort….

Don’t look at me! I’m hideous!

I have a a hot pulsing mass of swollen flesh on my top lip, yes a cold sore.. Herpes if you will. The pustule which burns and tingles has been there since I woke up around midnight (and I didn’t get back to sleep til after 6 Its horrible, this is only the second or third cold sore I’ve ever gotten in my life, I hope that it’s the last. I’ve put an iodine-like looking solution on the sore, it caused much “ouchy ouchy” dancing as the alcohol burned the thin membrane containing the infectious white blood cells. The solution has now dried on the sore, staining it with the colour making it look even more hideous than ever. The general area is all swollen giving me the appearance of an upturned snarl similar to the one sported by “the king” nice... just in time for halloween! I’ll just go hide in a dark room for a few days… Bastards!

Thankyou, thankyou very much!"

both posts are from one year ago..

its funny... my posts were quite different. i seemed a lot happier then, it was afterall during the VERY beginning of my first relationship.. i went through so much... so many wonderful highs and so many very very low lows. I mean my father failed to acknowledge me for three months after i told him. arrrh memories. I would love to return to that blissful feeling without the man. I dont wanna be one of those women who needs a man to make her feel good about herself. THats how it feels at the moment. so while neither of the posts were about him.. i was on a high because of him. I thought i was unlovable, and...

well this is all a bit heavy for here....

you are welcome to read it all.. its all there in the archives... and that seems settling somehow, knowing that those actions that i took which seemes so unlike me, did actually happen.

I may or may not delete this very very inconsistant post.