The Real World ... Blogger Style: Hello

Saturday, July 02, 2005


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Happy birthday, AmyJo!

I wanted to sent a gift, but couldn't find something appropriate (so far).
I wanted to write a poem, but had to realize I seriously suck in doing that and ended up having a poem written by some sort of virtual random rhyme generator.

So here it is, your birthday poem:

It's AmyJo's birthday today
I feel how it burns under my skin
Turn your back on me baby, yeah, just walk away
I have to check my brain for a muffin

It's AmyJo's birthday today

a fact no mortal could abide
and "hello" was all I could say
Why can’t we change the tide???

It's AmyJo's birthday today
Or should I just call her Barry?
I feel that I shall melt away
I'm reading double and my speech is slurry

Oh well.... . Again, happy birthday AmyJo, have a good one!!!!