The Real World ... Blogger Style: Saturday Homework Assignment

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Saturday Homework Assignment

Saturday used to be like any other day, but since I've been Rebel Leadying, it is my day of rest between the week's labors and Sunday's coursework/paper writing.

Since Sandralein has been working, the weekend has become the only time (besides Nixon Tuesday) when our schedules allow us to speak directly (as opposed to answering machine messages and email), so Saturday is more important than ever for kicking off the Instant Message/Webcam weekend.

Saturday is also a good day to do laundry. I wash my week's work clothes on Saturday morning. They are in the dryer right now as I write this comment.

Soul Train is on Saturday at 1:00pm and the McLaughlin Group is on PBS at 6:30pm on Saturday.

Saturday is when I traditionally buy a pizza from "What-A-Lot-A-Pizza". I eat half immediately and then munch on the other half periodically throughout the evening.

Saturday - Fuck Yeah!