The Real World ... Blogger Style: Mean Girls quiz

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Mean Girls quiz

I found this quiz on the Detroit Free Press

Quiz: Are you a mean girl?

1. When you walk down the hall, most of the time you are:

a. alone

b. with your gang

c. with your best bud

2. Sometimes you:

a. get laughed at by other girls

b. make fun of the not-so-popular girls' clothes

c. hang with your friends and have so much fun you forget it's time to go

3. You know how it feels to:

a. be gossiped about

b. make someone look bad so you look good

c. care for a friend who is hurt

4. You spend hours:

a. worrying about how not to be seen by other girls

b. thinking about how to get even with someone

c. helping your friends through tough times

5. When you go to school you are:

a. afraid to go to the bathroom alone

b. loving life

c. counseling your friends about all their problems

6. Your parents:

a. would say you worry a lot about going to school

b. know that you are happiest when you are with your friends

c. taught you how to care for others

7. At least once a week:

a. another girl laughs at you or picks on you

b. you talk about another girl in a way that puts her down

c. you try to make your friend feel really good about herself

8. You have cried at school:

a. many times

b. only occasionally when a guy is a jerk

c. not really at all, because you save that for your bedroom

Now, add up your scores this way: A=3; B=2; C=1.


18-24 points: You have mean girl problems

11-17 points: You have mean girl tendencies

8-10 points: You aren't a mean girl at all!