The Real World ... Blogger Style: 9 Reasons RLB Will NEVER Revive Burger Chef

Thursday, February 28, 2008

9 Reasons RLB Will NEVER Revive Burger Chef

1. RLB can't remember the "employees must wash hands rule." (and I hear that he used to put "unauthorized items" into the Filet-O-Fish fryer...)
2. Sandra prefers the Burger King over the 'Chef anyway.
3. EastCentral Michigan can hardly support McDonald's, so no management of a franchise for Boz.
4. RLB fancies himself a future Office Depot owner, deep down...
5. belle and dvl would have ground beef fights in the cooler.
6. He offered the position of "giant Burger Chef character standing curbside" to AmyJo; she told him to stuff it between his buns.
7. JohnnyC. might lose his eye in the ice machine.
8. The "Free CDs of 'RLB Sings Bob Dylan' in every FunMeal" would chase off 2 out of every 34 customers who park their cars to walk through the drive-thru...
9. Really, who the hell wants to eat Burger Chef???