The Real World ... Blogger Style: So, where have I been, where have I been???

Saturday, November 15, 2008

So, where have I been, where have I been???

It doesn't matter where I've been, because I'm back, and I'm not leaving, unless of course I leave tomorrow, and here are ten things that I am pissed about, and ten reasons why I am taking back custody of this blog, this blog that I started over twenty five years ago when Regan was still president, and Rambo ruled!!!

1.When did RLB become the poster boy for Middle Class Fuckin' America?
2. My god, six months before he met Sandra he was living in a shed, and now he wants a house, and I bet he wants a SAFE ROOM in this so-called house he OHHHHHH, JUST HAS TO HAVE!
3. What's the matter RLB, are you TOO GOOD to take baths in gas station restrooms anymore???
4. And Cookie, if thats really your name, and if it is, I kind of hope your last name is Crumbles, because, well, I don't know why because, but I just know because.
5. Furthermore, if you ever decide to become a stripper and use the name Cookie Crumbles, I want a cut of the action, the side action, and I think you know what I mean when I say side action.
6. Ok, number six is an insulting post about JonnieC, and I really don't have to write anything because I'm sure JohnnyC will leave a comment that is way more self-insulting than I could ever come up with.
7. Sandra ... Sandra ... Sandra are you there, or are you out organizing a putsch at the animal shelter?
8. Dvl, yeah, you, are you two busy living the high life in WeHo to even stop in and say "hey boz"
9. I can't say anything bad about Marcie, because she's dead, or am I thinking about Bernie Mac, I always get the two of them confused.
10. And where does that leave Belle? Oh wait, I mean, where does that leave RosaPosa, of course, she's married now, and wants to live in a house, hey RosaPosa, maybe you and Jonnie can move into a house together somewhere in the South Pacific.
11. I didn't forget belle. She's in Aruba looking for Jon Benet Ramsey, yeah, I know, but try telling that to belle.


Blogger dvl said...

hey boz.

ps. shut up
pps. miss you
ppps. ppsshhhtttt

11:54 PM  

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