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Thursday, April 08, 2004

RW Microcosm Update

Please allow me this moment of self-indulgence -

What's immediately apparent is the pink rose (Belle) is gone!
Probably plucked, unless the coyotes got it.

The red roses (Sandra) have blossomed into Sandra #s 1, 2, 3...probably at least a dozen.

The hose (Boz) has been shot-off all over the place - at least once.

The diving board (Dvl) - still bouncing, nobody's hurt themselves on her yet.

The barbecue grill (Bored Housewife) - still cookin'.

My reflection in the pool (Marci) is still there when I look for her, she appears drunk.

Neither the beer bottle (Goose) nor the snorkle (Zoot) are anywhere to be found.

I was going to uninstall the light fixture since Hard Artist left...but the house owners weren't willing to indulge me on that.

I thought the waterwings (Zann and Mike) had left as well, but found them bundled up in a petstore bag next to a toy chair -

There's a new orange rose on the left which I originally pegged as Mad Mathius; but keeping with my analogy, it would be a remanifestation of Belle and Mad Mathius would be stepping into Hard Artist's spot as the night light.

I'm assuming nobody wants to be the big bag of garden fertilizer.

That will be all.
How I can be so insanely busy and still manage to waste, not just my own, but everybody's time it beyond me.

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