The Real World ... Blogger Style: The first edition of The Real World ... Blogger Style

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

The first edition of The Real World ... Blogger Style

Scavenger Hunt/Trivial Pursuit Challenge.

Mike came up with the idea for an online scavenger hunt, which slowly morphed into online trivial pursuit.

Which means if you don't know the answers you can look them up online.
Please DO NOT post your answers in the comments section.
Send them to me by email, if you don't know my email, look it up, afterall, it is a scavenger hunt, isn't it?
You've got till 12:01 AM EDT Sunday morning to submit your answers.
The winner, or winners, may get a prize, depending on how I feel.
Sooooo, without further ado ...

The Test

1. Who is the only player to pitch a perfect game in baseball’s World Series?
2. “We don’t need no stinkin’ badges” is a line from what movie?
3. In what novel would you find a character named Robert Ackley?
4. Who were the original seven members of The Real World … Blogger Style?
5. Who is actress Ione Skye’s father?
6. In the 60’s the leader of the band The Byrds changed his name to Roger McGuinn, what did he change it from?
7. Who won seven gold medals in the 1972 summer Olympics?
8. How did actor/singer Dean Martin’s son Dino die?
9. The Beatle’s song Norwegian Wood was based on a one night stand that John Lennon had with what actress?
10. Who wrote and recorded the song The Grand Ennui?
11. What city are the street names from the board game Monopoly located in?
12. In what city would you find the streets Haight and Ashbury?
13. What were the names of the rock groups that Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young were in before they formed CSN&Y?
14. What cast member of the MTV show The Real World died from AIDS?
15. What do Kurt Vonnegut Jr, and Geraldo Rivera have in common?
16. Who coined the term “Rock and Roll”?
17. What made baseball player Pete Gray unique?
18. Who played lead guitar on the Michael Jackson song, Beat It?
19. What was significant about the deaths of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams?
20. Since 1820 who is the only US president elected in a year that ends in zero that hasn’t died in office? (Not counting the current president, because he hasn’t left office yet.)