The Real World ... Blogger Style: It's Goose remember me?

Sunday, April 18, 2004

It's Goose remember me?

Ok Boz, I get the sense that you did not quite believe me when I said that I got all of the answers right to the quiz (Except the John Lennon question, mind you, you say Bridgette Bardot and I say Natalie Wood), anyway... to try to prove to you that I wasnt just saying that I thought that I would elaborate on a few of the questions that were a little bit harder.

Boz said that Bridgette Bardot was the subject of the Beatles song Norwegian Wood. That may be a rumor (there are several) but the one I heard was that it was written about Natalie Wood whom he met on a chance encounter while in Oslo Norway in late 1964.

Don Larsen of the New York Yankees pitched a perfect game in game 5 of the 1956 World Series against the Brooklyn Dodgers.

I had the quote "we dont need no stinkin badges" as coming from the movie Magnificent 7

Roger McGuinn's full real name was James Joseph Mcguinn.

I didn't elaborate as much as Boz did on Dino's death, I merely had Plane crash air guard

And admittedly, I had the Monkees down as the author of the Grand Ennui and not specifically Mike Nesmith.

I actually did a term paper on Pete Gray while I was in junior high school (that's middle school for you youngsters). I knew that he only had one arm.

I knew that Ronnie Reagan was the first president to live after being elected in a year that eneded with zero because I remember being disappointed that he broke the chain. (I know, it's harsh, but it is true.) Also, another cool fact about Ronald Wilson Reagan... The letters in each of his names has 6 letters. Thus, 666.

Most answers were relatively easy to find on the internet and the few that I didn't know I was able to get from Hawspipe quite quickly. Not only do I use him as my attorney, I also go to him with my tough questions.

So... Perhaps my comment about having all correct answers was a little overblown, but I did have them right according to my sources. And really now... Do you think that I would actualy lie to you?

Ha! Take that Boz!