The Real World ... Blogger Style: A little update from slacker-arse...

Thursday, April 15, 2004

A little update from slacker-arse...

Some of us were hanging out last night.
and we all scurried over to check out Mad's buzznet.
and there was much joy.
he should be made aware that several lewd comments were made, most of which came from Boz, but still.
if i were him, i would be flattered.
...although we all know it doesn't exactly take much to get me smiling.
he may very well be the most elligible bachelor in the house or the least eligible most bachelor...or something.
and for some reason i saw pictures of someone else a while back and i thought it was him...
so i thought i knew what he looked like, but i was wrong.
...unless he lost a lot of weight and had a new smile surgically implanted and dyed his hair and bought color contacts....?
so that was kind of funny for me--a pleasant surprise.
almost as funny as this one person who kept commenting on my buzznet stuff...
i assumed it was a guy.
read the blog, there was a story about a girl, romantic, etc.
said blogger signed things with a name that is 99% of the time a men's name.
then said blogger posted self-portraits on buzznet.
hot girl, even.
so it was a win, win situation.
but odd, nonetheless.

also, if anyone has a spare roll of duct tape, could i borrow it?
oh--pool boy's here, gotta go---

(and no, i'm not doing this to distract attention from the Jordan fiasco.)
(well, maybe a little.)