The Real World ... Blogger Style: Offspring

Sunday, April 25, 2004


Some weeks ago, I decided that I'd love to have baby animals around me and since I have neither time nor enough room for a little puppy or a kitten, I thought that it would be best to have some fish babies. So, in order to get the fishes in the mood for some sweet lovin', I lit two candles in front of the fishtank and played The Temptations' "On The Nightshift" on heavy rotation. And here's the result of that effort:

Yay! Two babies (one hides behind the plant)! They are about a week old now, fishes "David" and "Bowie" are the parents. Thing is, I don't have names for the offspring yet. So I decided to name the fishes after the first two people who comment on this post. So go ahead! This is an unique chance to become the namesake of something that looks like mutant sperm!