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Monday, June 04, 2007

Something Notable which Occurred at Panda Express

Sandra and I watched a guy throw his wallet in the garbage can and then wander around trying to figure out where he left it.

About a month ago, we stopped by Panda Express while driving home from work. While we were enjoying our Orange Chicken, a couple of OC teenagers were sitting behind us (facing Sandra, but to my back). It was a guy and a girl, probably in their later high school years, possibly on a date. As they finished their meal and got up to leave, the male carried their tray over to the garbage can and dumped it in.

Sandra's observational capacity is better than gold and this incident is just one example of many. As soon as the couple walked out the door, Sandra remarked, "That guy just threw his wallet in the trash. It was sitting on his tray".

A few minutes later, hilarity ensued as the couple returned and the guy announced, "Where's my wallet"? They looked all over the place for it. At one point, he even asked the girl, "Did I throw it away?", but then he just glanced into the trash can without really checking.

Of course, we didn't say anything. It's never funny for a guy to lose his wallet, but in this case, it was pretty amusing. Even before losing the wallet, when they were just sitting there eating, they came off like typical OC teenagers - spoiled and arrogant. I really doubt that guy ever worked a day in his life. If he was too embarrassed to dig through the trash for it, he didn't really need it that much.

Next he commented that somebody must have stolen it, but didn't seem to believe that himself. He knew he had it when he came it.

That was good for a hearty chuckle.

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