The Real World ... Blogger Style: My take on Jonnie falling through the ceiling in the men's room

Monday, May 28, 2007

My take on Jonnie falling through the ceiling in the men's room

One Saturday afternoon in the spring of 1963 Jonnie, Bob Dylan, and I were leading a protest march through Oxford, Mississippi. Jonnie and I were trying to help Bob Dylan write a song about the March. I came up with the line
Oxford town around the bend, come to the door we couldn't get in
And then Jonnie came up with the line
All because of the color of our skin, what do you think about that my friend
And Bob Dylan came up with the line
I took Joan Baez behind the barn
I told her that she made me warm
Then we had sex and I was on top
And then Joan Baez became a lesbian and then I stopped

Then suddenly ...
A whole bunch of KKK members spotted us!
I wanted to stand and fight them.
Jonnie wanted to look under their sheets.
But Bob Dylan wanted to run and hide and since he paid our way down to the protest march we went along with him

We started running and we saw a school, and it looked like they were having some kind of debating competition because all the guys were picking their noses and all the girls, well, there were no girls, but the guys didn't seem to mind because they were all worried about world peace, and hunger, and the national debt, and how to get booger stains off of their shirts.

So we ran into the school and we saw a men's restroom and in unison we all said
Thank God, I've been dying to use the men's room.
So we all went in and did what we normally did when we used a men's room.
Bob Dylan started to take a leak.
I lit up a cigarette.
And Jonnie climbed up into the ceiling.

While Jonnie was roaming around doing god knows what up in the ceiling Bob Dylan and I started singing "Who Killed Davey Moore" and Jonnie got all excited up there in the ceiling because Jonnie, Bob Dylan, and I always sang "Who Killed Davey Moore" in three part harmony, and Jonnie, well you know how Jonnie feels about three part harmony ...
So we heard Jonnie skittering around in the ceiling and all of a sudden
Here came Jonnie right through the ceiling, his arms flailing, dust all over him, landing right smack dab on the toilet.
When I asked Jonnie how he was all he could say was
It's alright Boz, I'm only bleeding.
And Bob Dylan took a pencil and started scribbling something in a notebook.
Then Bob Dylan asked me if bleeding had one e or two
And I guess that's it except for the part about Bob Dylan becoming an icon and Jonnie and me becoming bloggers.
The End