The Real World ... Blogger Style: My Take On Jonnie's Swan Dive...

Sunday, May 27, 2007

My Take On Jonnie's Swan Dive...

First off, let me state that I was there. In the accused crapper, knowing full well what RLB and company was doing.

I seem to remember that there was work going on in that crapatorium and possibly that there was a 2x12 wood plank in the structural members of the ceiling. (Since my house's basement at the time had a "drop ceiling" - or ceiling tiles - I knew then that the tiles couldn't hold Jonnie's weight.)

So Jonnie disappears into the ceiling and I'm twitching thinking somebody from the school would come in and we'd all be standing there watching the ceiling. Nobody did, and as I'm waiting for Jonnie to climb back out, all of a sudden I hear a creak and then he does a drop straight down into the stalls. I heard something hit and I thought maybe he'd broken a bone, but the geek in me said run, so myself and Patterson, another witness to the madness, ran out of the bathroom, holding back laughter but making time down the hall. We doubled back and saw the aftermath and that's when I knew an urban legend had been born.

Let it be noted that I, too, was not good at speech meets in my categories. That's why I went to radio for the last year and a half of my high school dayz...where else could you slack off and play heavy metal at school other than shop class???