The Real World ... Blogger Style: Further Notebook Purging

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Further Notebook Purging

Aside from the English Leather test, I found three other items in the notebook I'm purging - 1 piece of advice, 1 observational note, and 1 theory.

Piece of Advice - "Do not leave pop-rocks in the car! When I left half a bag in the glove compartment, the rocks were all fused together by the sun's heat. The rocks were all melded into one chunk of red slag and it no longer pops if you put it in your mouth".

Theory - "Cabrillo Park is the Bermuda Triangle of dogs. Sandra noticed there are always different missing dog signs hanging on the phone poles over there, so now we keep an eye open whenever we drive by and there will always be at least one missing dog flier posted. Stupid dogs".

Observational Note - "The suspicion that our neighbors are selling drugs is supported by a recent incident in which the lady of the house brought over a tray of freshly baked cookies and commented to Sandra, 'We really appreciate neighbors who mind their own business'".

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