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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

English Leather

One thing that I'm getting tired of seeing in my notebook is my notes from a cheap cologne test I've been wanting to conduct.

A couple of years ago, Boz sent me a selection of 4 mini bottles of classic colognes for Christmas. I was always going to wear a different cologne on each day and record peoples' reactions to it. The experiment never happened though because I didn't want to show up at work smelling like British Sterling.

In fact, the cheap cologne set did not survive our last move, but then last Christmas, our landlord gave me the same set for Christmas, so I thought maybe I would just keep getting it again and again until I actually perform the survey.

I got as far as testing English Leather about five months ago, but based on those results, I just don't see myself testing the other three brands any time soon. I don't think Sandra will let me.

So, I might as well post the results of my English Leather test.

1. English Leather

Initial Impression - The smell made me feel like shaving. It smelled exactly like it smells when you clean old whiskers out of an electric razor.

Extended Impression - Fumes resulted in a severe headache. I put my shirt in the laundry in case it absorbed some of the cologne. Perhaps I used an excessive amount. After the headache persisted, I decided to take a shower as well.

Chick Test - Sandra comments, "You smell like my grandpa in the early 1970s".

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