The Real World ... Blogger Style: T-Shirt Exchange, Summer '07

Friday, July 27, 2007

T-Shirt Exchange, Summer '07

Boz's latest shipment was a marvel of packing. In my nearly two years working in a shipping department, I never saw a $4.95 flat rate envelope stuffed half as full as this one was. It really makes you appreciate the value of tape.

The envelope contents covered nearly half of our new red leather couch -

Sandra received a fine Germany World Cup t-shirt and I received a fine Miller Genuiine Draft "Rock & Peace" festival t-shirt which is now what I always wear out to the pool.

But, while most people would think the flat-rate priority envelope was full after stuffing it with 2 t-shirts, Boz did not hesitate to double the contents by including a makeup bag, a deck of cards with $100 bills printed on the back, a small computer mouse, palm tree stickers, 2 toothbrushes which contain flashing red lights, 5 mexican drink mixes (which remind us of our dear Santa Ana), the East Tawas Business Directory, and a handful of Sour Power candy strips (which I am addicted to).

Danke Boz - this was a packing achievement that only somebody who has worked in a shipping department for nearly 2 years can appreciate.

The normally thin priority flat rate envelope would not even fit in our mailbox. It was waiting by the door when we came home. I can't believe it didn't burst.

This was the greatest T-Shirt Exchange ever.

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