The Real World ... Blogger Style: a juan bodley quiz...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

a juan bodley quiz...

(Since boz did his I thought I'd test you all to see if you know ANYTHING about me...)

1. Which eye is real?
2. What year did I graduate from technical school, and where was it?
3. Did I ever own a car other than a GM brand?
4. Who is my favorite Cincinnati Red?
5. When I am working on a well, I have a different name than Juan Bodley. What is it?
6. Did RLB and myself graduate in the same year?
7. RLB and I used to go to this 18 and over nudie bar in Fort Wayne. What was it called?
8. Which racing series do I follow more closely: NASCAR or IndyCar?
9. How many artificial eyes have I had since 1971?
10. If I were a Metallica song what one would I be?

Bonus question: Have I ever broken a TV, AM, or FM transmitter on purpose, and where was it?