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Monday, July 16, 2007

Chef Juan Bodley Cooks For Youse...

Last night I made a new sensation that may appear soon at IHOP/Applebee's. (Yes IHOP is trying to buy Applebee's, I shit you not.)
It's called "Detweiler Chicken." Here's how it's done.
1. Get any kind of chicken breast. (remember I'm a guy, and I chuckle handling almost ANY kind of breast.) Then while you're at the store get some Worchestershire sauce.
2. Go home.
3. Put a skillet on the stove, heat that bitch up, put some extra virgin olive oil in there (yes I laugh lustily handling something virgin,) and then you throw that chicken breast in there, and slather on the Worchestershire till you puke.
4. Here's the Detweiler part: every time you flip the chick, holler "WORCHESTERSHIRE" as loud as you fucking can!!
(Oh yeah, you say it "WAR-Chester-shire!!" because Jonnie likes to say it that way.)

Serve with your favorite potato and a fine Schlitz, and that's a dinner to remember.