The Real World ... Blogger Style: Death in Tahiti

Friday, July 20, 2007

Death in Tahiti

With the next t-shirt exchange coming up, I thought I'd post a photo of the fantastic drink coasters which Boz sent in his last package.

Here they are with some juice [in the background is sushi and soybeans which go very well with sushi and which are a current favorite snack of ours] -

Flashy drink coasters courtesy of Boz.

Danke Boz - they're gonna be getting a lot of use at our new place.

Regarding the new apartment - it is now furnished. We are seeking additional decoration ideas which fit into what can only be called a "Death in Tahiti" motif (meaning skulls, palm trees, beach scenes, tools of violence, tiki stuff etc.) I was going to buy a hula girl lamp to adorn one of our stark black end tables last weekend, but it didn't look as cool as I remembered it.

Anyway, if you notice any cool artwork (preferable paint on canvas) which would fit in with a "Death in Tahiti" theme, please bring it to our attention. That is what we are into as we begin our decorating phase.

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