The Real World ... Blogger Style: The Meeting

Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Meeting

I had my meeting with the internet girl last night. The plan was that she was coming to watch my improv comedy show and then we'd hang out after. I wanted everything to go as well as it could, so of course, the first thing I did was stay an extra hour at work playing video games. I really wanted to finish that level.

That put me on the Freeway about 7:45 p.m. Not a very good idea. For about two miles I drove at my idle speed. You know, when you put your car in drive and don't hit the gas. Yeah, that fast.

During my half hour search for parking, I realized I only had $12 in my wallet. When I finally found a space (a good 10 minutes after I was supposed to be warming up for my show), I rushed to the little pizza place and hit the ATM. Card #1 - withdraw $40. Waiting... waiting... Insufficient funds. Dammit. Card #1 - withdraw $20. Waiting... waiting... Dispensing cash. Hurrah! Card #2 - withdraw $20. Waiting... waiting... Insufficient funds. Dammit.

$32. That isn't too bad. I can still buy quite a few drinks with that and still grab a bite to eat if she wants.

So I rushed to the theater and was greeted by Improv Matt (don't ask me about this guy). He said that he just paid for our rehearsal space for the next month and everyone owed him $11. Ouch. Down to $20.

We warmed up and had a kick as show (one of my best). We came out to the bar and were getting our "good show" comments from all around when this girl said "Andrew." "Rachel?" Yep. it was her. We chatted briefly. She liked the show. But another group was going on that I wanted to see, so we snuck inside and watched that show.

About 11 p.m. we ended up back at the bar. I asked her if she wanted to go get something to eat, thinking $20 will get me a lot further in food than at the bar. I didn't want to go anywhere else bar wise because IO has $2 PBR and Miller High Life (the Champaign of beers). We sat down and talked. Got to know each other a little better. There was a little awkwardness.

At one point a group of guys behind us started talking loudly about "the Aviator," and she turned and started talking to them. With her back to me? Podwacked! Luckily my friend/troupe member Andy came over and started talking to me about this improvise sitcom he's working on. Both of our conversations ended about the same time, and Rachel and I were talking once again.

I was doing all right. I had about $14 left. Then the Aviator guys mentioned shots. Not wanting to look weak, I said I could totally do a shot. Rachel didn't know if she wanted to get too drunk, and me in my High Life induced stupidity, edged her on. Bartender. Two shots and another beer. Total: $12. I gave my last $2 as a tip.

Post shots the conversation flowed a little easier. I tried to remember all the advise given to me by my blogmates. I didn't tell her about her preparation vs. weight ratio, but I did try to find out more about her and keep me a bit of a mystery.

Around 1 a.m. she asked if we should get another round of drinks. "Uh, no. I'd better stop if I'm driving home." Nice play by me. We left the bar and walked a little to sober both us up for our respective drives. I showed her Amoeba (the coolest CD store around) and the Arclight (the coolest movie theater around). Finally we got back to her car. Exchanged numbers, both said how much fun we had, and went our different ways.

On my walk back to my car (I parked really far away), I looked through my wallet to keep my mind off of puking. There was still a dollar left. I'd miscounted. Score!