The Real World ... Blogger Style: A little background on Drew

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

A little background on Drew

Provided to me by dvl.

1. His parents dressed him like a girl until he was twelve years old.
2. When speaking he ends every sentence with a yep.
3. Back in Iowa he had a part time job. He would go out every Sunday morning and untip the cows.
4. He spends most of his free time walking down Hollywood Blvd. looking for Sheb Wolley's star.
5. He knows a little too much about the Black Dahlia murder.
6. He eats peas through a straw.
7. When he goes to the beach he wears sandals with socks, just sandals with socks.
8. There are currently six restraining orders against him, one granted to a dog, a famous dog who I am not at liberty to name.
9. He likes to dance the Macarena in front of the living room window in his apartment.
10. He calls dvl auntie dvl.