The Real World ... Blogger Style: That's the picture they picked?

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

That's the picture they picked?

This is rock and roll radio.

Okay, now that I'm on the spot I can't think of anything to write about, but I can think of things I'm not going to write about.

#1 - Having no girlfriend. I am single, but I'm not going to mope publicly.
#2 - Sports. Don't watch. Don't care.
#3 - My other web sites. Why would you want to know you can check out my pictures easily at
#5 - What I ate today.
#6 - Dvl. She'd like that too much.
#7 - Management of Assaultive Behavior. Because that's why I'm writing about for work.
#8 - Why I left out #4.
#9 - How much I enjoy being here.
#10 - My history. You'll get that in bits and pieces.

One post down, a couple thousand left to go.