The Real World ... Blogger Style: Sunny Days, Everything's A-Ok

Monday, March 22, 2004

Sunny Days, Everything's A-Ok

Today, today was not a good day. I was convinced all the forces of evil were working against me to crush my spirit and make me hate every person on this planet and maybe a few people on other planets, too, especially after the whole "Do you subscribe to the idea that ignorance is bliss?" repeat incident at the dentist and the race I got into with a 16 year old when all I wanted was to go to the goddamn store to buy some more Twizzlers!
But. Then something wonderful happened. My mailman, who I'm sure is just really busy and that's why he just left a package on my doorstep instead of ringing the bell, and not because he's afraid of me after I confessed I wanted to have his mail babies, brought me something wonderful.
A monkey.
A monkey from Michigan.
A monkey who answers to the name "Zob," a gift from the wonderful wizard of Boz.

And suddenly my day is all sunshiny and I feel like I do when it's Wednesday and there's a new episode of The West Wing on and Martin Sheen invites me to his house to watch it with him.
Yeah, it's a crappy picture from my webcam that couldn't begin to do this monkey justice, but until Jonnie sells his kidneys to buy me a digital camera, this is the best I can do.