The Real World ... Blogger Style: I AM SO SORRY!!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2004


I have been the absent house member for way too long. It is like that time I went out for free beer and came back a week later, only this time the details are not as exciting. Don't kick me out I am back.

How My Life Is Enriched By You All:
I have never been dumped on the internet before by someone I don't even know. THANKS A LOT HARD. I would have to meet up with the one other absent posted. I knew I should have gone for jonnie.

I have learned how incredibly bad my spelling is, and often welcome the comments about it.

And I also think it is cool I can get drunk in the hot tub and make an ass of myself and you all treat me like that is normal.

The only way i could be more happy here is if you threw in a few midgets and some elephants. I love you guys... hey, thanks to who ever is feeding free beer. That damn dog would be dead with out you.