The Real World ... Blogger Style: How the RWBS Has Enriched My Life - by Zannilla Extract

Friday, March 19, 2004

How the RWBS Has Enriched My Life - by Zannilla Extract

The Real World Blogger Style (RWBS) has improved my life negligibly over the past two months. i have developed close-knit relationships with other bloggers in a window of an entirely different color than the windows in which i had been communicating with them previously. i have experienced the wonder of a virtual hot tub. my friends have been referred to as a "following" (i've never had one of those before!) and now they live here, too. being against the evils of institutions such as sororities and sports teams, i have needed to satisfy my need to belong in other ways. the camaraderie of RWBS has filled that void.

i have learned so much about essential life topics: monkeys, super heroes, webcam scandals, Doc Martens, toasters, sex, BlogMadness, the shaving cream head game, and fake crazy people. you just can't get that anywhere else.

i have been so very happy here that my mind has collapsed into a rubbly pile of writers' blocks, causing me to neglect posting valid content on this AND my personal blog, which has really freed up my time. and, this one time, i got to write a haiku. i have grown as a person, and it's all because of RWBS. thank you. the end. zann out.