The Real World ... Blogger Style: Thilly Thursday

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Thilly Thursday

so, i was hiding under Belle's bed this morning, and i overheard the strangest thing.
she was on the phone, but i don't know who she was talking to.
she kept mentioning "the squeeze" and something about a garbage bag full of 20's.
i was a little freaked out, but turned on...
so finally she finished the call and then she was humming a strange tune.
something from the rocky horror picture show, i think...
anyway, at the first opportunity, i made like Jesus (and got the flock out of there).
and when i ran into her in the bathroom a few minutes later it was a little awkward.
...and not just because i was in the middle of peeing when she walked in.
we chatted about the weather, but she could tell i was spooked, since i didn't make any lewd comments.
she had a look in her eye, not unlike suspicion.
she couldn't have known i was listening to her shady conversation, but i'm a little worried anyway.

so if Belle asks anyone what happened to the stash of porn she had squirrelled away under her bed...
don't tell her it was me!