The Real World ... Blogger Style: Oh Real World, how do I love thee?

Friday, March 19, 2004

Oh Real World, how do I love thee?

Let me count the ways...
no, seriously--if you'd shut up for a sec, maybe i could focus.
damn you people are noisy.

1. I love drinking in the hot tub, and making out with anyone and everyone who's in there (including the pets..)
2. I have learned how to pee with the door closed....well, sometimes.
3. I have added another log to the "too distracted to be productive" fire, which was only burning at bonfire level before
4. I have formed deep and meaningful friendships with other campers which will last a lifetime. (well, if you count make out sessions as deep friendships..)
5. I love every minute i've spent in this house...has it been 20 or 22?
6. um, that's it. i just wanted to add another number....

also, i bet none of you are driving to Boise idaho singing along to iron maiden and metallica while surfing the web right now. so there. i guess i deserve an award or something. cuz i'm either a complete nerd or a complete metal head or a complete hick...and that's too many people to fit in one body.....