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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Awesome Christmas Gifts, 2007

I love all my 2007 xmas gifts, but I think there is one in particular which deserves a special blog spotlight due to its uniqueness and over-the-topness. The gift is courtesy of Brother Todd and it is something that I think could only be acquired at a midwestern flea market (which is indeed exactly where he acquired it), or possibly a southern flea market.

Sandra and I were intrigued immediately after removing the wrapping paper, because we found ourselves staring at a fine tin case which depicts Elvis Presley standing in front of an indigo curtain. I thought this fine tin case wouldn't be a bad gift in itself:

Stored in a handsome tin case depicting Elvis Presley.

When I opened the case, I was momentarily unable to move from disbelief. The case contained, not one, but FOUR Elvis Presley KNIVES - AND one Elvis Presley bottle opener!! This is so badass!!

[ Click to view larger image. ]

Each knife handle bears images of Elvis in his prime (on BOTH sides of the knife) and the bottle opener depicts Vegas Elvis. This was so over the top, I could hardly believe it. FOUR Elvis knives - AND one Elvis Presley bottle opener, all packed in a handsome carrying case!

The knives are all functional. They even have locks on them, so it's less likely the knife user will cut themselves. Sandra and I can walk around with a different one every day.

[ Click to view larger image. ]

So if anybody visits us, rest assured you won't need to bring a knife. You can use one of our elite Elvis knives for the duration of your visit (though you will have to return it to the case before you leave).

Thanks Todd!!

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