The Real World ... Blogger Style: Remembering Nick Nolte's Horrible Mugshot.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Remembering Nick Nolte's Horrible Mugshot.

I stumbled across Nick Nolte's famous mugshot today:

haha - I hadn't seen that image in a long time.
I remember when he first got busted and that picture was all over the TV. I remember like it was yesterday - I was watching the evening news with an acquaintance and that picture came on the TV and we were both like, "DAMN"!

Acquaintance: "He looks like hell! He looks like he's dead! I can't even imagine leaving the house looking like that! No matter how fucked up you are"!

RLB: "HAHA - Yeah, he must not have been in his right mind".

Acquaintance: "Nobody goes out in public looking like that under any circumstances! Except maybe Charles Bukowski".

RLB: "Yeah, Charles Bukowski probably used to go to work looking like that".

I totally forgot about that dialog, but then when I saw that horrible mugshot today, it came back to me right out of the blue.

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