The Real World ... Blogger Style: Backyard or Junkyard?

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Backyard or Junkyard?

Sandra & I love where we're currently living:

But it hasn't always been peaches & cream.
The 10 months we spent in Santa Ana were hardcore. Santa Ana is our hood. We rented a room in an old house with a fair amount of sprawling property behind it. While the property was located right smack-dab in an urban location, it might as well have been a backwoods for all you could tell when you were standing there in it.

The grounds were poorly maintained to say the least and before Sandra & I moved, we snapped some photos so we could always remember our roots (and don't get us started about our neighbors out there). We're just glad we moved out before Sandra's mom visited us.

In fact, I was searching flickr for photos tagged "trash heap" the other day, and they all looked just like our former backyard.

So, here's a new quiz for you:
I have 8 pictures of the former property we were living on and 8 pictures that are tagged "trash heap" by flickr.

Can you guess which 8 depict a "junkyard" and which 8 depict our former "backyard"?


Good Luck.

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