The Real World ... Blogger Style: T-Shirt Exchange, Summer '07 - The Other Side

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

T-Shirt Exchange, Summer '07 - The Other Side

Contents included
1. 2 t-shirts, one that read Hecho en Mexico(Made in Mexico)while the other read FBI, Female Body Inspector. I am currently wearing the Hecho en Mexico t-shirt, and will wear the other one tomorrow.
2. Jonnie's Rebel Leady Helmet, which is tremendous, but I only wish he would have autographed it.
3. An auto heat travel mug for keeping your coffee hot while driving, but since I don't drink coffee I'll use it to make soup ... wait, I could keep soup warm in it!!!
4. A shell necklace. I'd call it a puka shell necklace, but I think it's more a generic shell necklace.
5. A Science Diet key chain.
6. An evidence tag.
7. A refrigerator magnet.
8. An invitation to a seminar that will teach you how to get on the Oprah Winfrey show.

Thanks a lot Jonnie and Sandra
To coin a phrase ...
This was the greatest T-Shirt Exchange ever.

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