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Saturday, April 14, 2007

For Your Edification

The Gas We Pass by Shinta Cho

My incognito photo is currently unable to transfer from my camera, so I thought I would plug a book instead.

I stumbled across this children's book called The Gas We Pass recently in a library and it cracked me up.

Amazon is selling used copies for as cheaply as $3.71.

To give you a taste, I am posting a few illustrations and reproducing the text.

Cover Page.

When an elephant farts, the farts are really big.

When it comes out the hole in your bottom, it's a fart, also called passing gas.

When you fart after eating sweet potatos or beans, however, they don't smell very much at all.

If you try too hard to hold your farts, your stomach may hurt, you could get dizzy or you could get a headache. So, don't hold them in - pass that gas!


I hope you all learned something.

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